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Archive 01/2007

Paul J. Beel (ANF)

Interview with AROS developer Robert Norris
Under the title link Paul J. Beel has interviewed the AROS developer Robert Norris. He has written the tap.device ( reported).

Currently he concentrates on porting the SSH-client PuTTY as well as continueing the implementation of the FAT32 file system driver. (snx) (Translation: (dr)

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Power Developer: Efika demo video
On the Power developer website a demo video has been published which shows Linux (OpenGL with hardware-3D-acceleration), QNX and MorphOS on the Efika-board. You can get further details under the title link. (snx) (Translation: (dr)

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MorphOS: File-archive tool 7-Zip 4.44
"Schlonz" has the newest version of the shell based archive tool 7-Zip for MorphOS compiliert, which provides in comparison with the predecessor version several meliorations and optimizations. (cg) (Translation: (aj)

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Amiforce (ANF)

Webseite: Amiforce is now online
Amiforce is after several offline days now online again, the operator said thanks to all for the understanding. (cg) (Translation: (aj)

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Looser (ANF)

WinUAE: Peview on Version 1.4.0
The developer of the known Amiga-Emulator WinUAE gave a preview for the next version linked to the header, which will released in the next 2 to 4 weeks and the Highlight is a CDTV-emulation. (cg) (Translation: (aj)

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30.Jan.2007 Uploads until 29.01.2007
Uploads on since our last report:
ahirecord.lha        aud/rec   60kb  Advanced AHI HD-Recorder
kickedit.lha         dev/edi   46kb  Visual Kicklayout editor
sysvipc.lha          dev/lib  123kb  SytemV IPC implemementation for AmigaOS 
desmume.lha          emu/gam  261kb  Desmume, a NintendoDS emulator.
ciagent.lha          emu/mis   68kb  Minimal CIA resources and hardware simul
wesnoth-exe.lha      gam/str    7Mb  Updated Wesnoth-1.2.1 exes
pebs_icons.lha       gra/ico  177kb  32-Bit Hard Drive Icons for OS4 Final
blueline.lha         gra/mis   90kb  PNG Pointer & IB-Navigation Set
busybee.lha          gra/mis   35kb  PNG Pointer
ibtoolbar_mc1.lha    gra/mis   22kb  mc1 PNG-Navigation Toolbar for IBrowse
pointerone.lha       gra/mis    2kb  png-Pointer
reddypointer.lha     gra/mis   54kb  32-bit pointer based on the default poin
traypointer.lha      gra/mis    6kb  Highcolor raytraced Mousepointer
wookiechat.lha       net/cha    1Mb  IRC Client (Internet Relay Chat)
xnet_rss.lha         net/new    1Mb  Native AOS4.0 RSS News Reader
sambamatic.lha       net/sam   68kb  Find and access shares easily
cranu.lha            uti/arc  115kb  GUI for archivers
amidisk.lha          uti/fil    1Mb  File manager for OS4
diskmaster2.lha      uti/fil  252kb  DiskMaster2 for OS4
scriptlauncherv.lha  uti/wor   37kb  A very configurable button-based program
wet.lha              uti/wor  578kb  Weather conditions on Workbench 4, AppIc
(cg) (Translation: (aj)

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AROS-Archives: Upload until 29.01.2007
Uploads on AROS-Archives since our last report:  gra/con  232kb  Transforming bitmaps into vector graphic   gra/con  468kb  Potrace source code with metamake file    gra/mis   41kb  Exif Jpeg header and thumbnail manipulat     gra/mis   62kb  jhead source code with metamake file      net/ser  526kb  Martin's Server Suite     net/ser  526kb  Martin's Server Suite	       uti/tex    2kb  AmiLua/Zune GUI for Antiword
aros-dnd.avi           vid/       6Mb  AROS drag & drop AVI demo
(cg) (Translation: (aj)

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MorphZone (Forum)

MorphOS: Update of the Quickguide
Marcin Kornas has released a Update of his Quickguide for MorphOS. The PDF-File is first and foremost for new User and shows the way to usefull Software, which are supplementing the basic-installation. (snx) (Translation: (aj)

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29.Jan.2007 (Webseite)

MorphOS: Blaster Bastards 0.75 Beta
Stian StrÝm released a first Betaversion of his MorphOS-Game "Blaster Bastard". The Multiplayer-Game in Boulderdash-look requires PowerSDL and TinyGL. (snx)

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Instant Messenger: AmiGG 0.44.4
AmiGG is a Instant Messenger, which supports the primary in poland common Gadu-Gadu-Protocol, but via a Plugin-System will be also the in poland common Tlen-Protocoll supported.

The new Version 0.44.4 brings more Stability, corrected ISO-Support, GUI-Changes and a SMS-Dispatch for the polish Provider Orange, Era and PlusGSM. (snx) (Translation: (aj)

[News message: 29. Jan. 2007, 20:23] [Comments: 2 - 31. Jan. 2007, 23:48]
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Grzegorz Kraszewski (ANF)

MorphOS: Reggae reads Portable GrayMap
The next image format recognized by Reggae multimedia library is Portable GrayMap, one from NetPBM family. The netpbm.demuxer class has been enchanced with PGM plaintext and binary streams (8-bit) support, including optional un-gamma correction according to ITU.R 709. A new videopcm.decoder class is responsible for conversion to the common ARGB32 format. (snx)

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David Brunet (ANF)

Voting: Amiga Games Award 2006
Each year you can vote for the best Amiga game of the previous twelve months. Thus now it's time for the Amiga Games Award 2006.

At the title link, you can vote for the best AmigaOS/68k, AmigaOS 4, MorphOS or AROS games. The final results will be published at the end of the week. (snx)

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Andreas Magerl (ANF)

Amiga Future: more exibition pictures online
On the Webpages of the German Amiga Mag "Amiga Future" are 250 more Pictures of the following Amiga Exibitions are provided:
  • The World of Alternatives 2002
  • Amiga 2001
  • World of Amiga 2000
  • Home Electronics World '99
  • Computer '98
(snx) (Translation: (aj)

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Martin 'DaFreak' Rebentisch (ANF)

Musik: Liquid Skies records #097
The 97. Musicpack from LQS contains this time a MP3-Track namend "Happy Flower" in Trance-Style. Composed from the polish Musican Maxus. And the Cover is produced by DaFreak.

The Zip-File is linked to the Header. (snx) (Translation: (aj)

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CD-Creating: Frying Pan 1.1
Tomasz Wiszkowski released the Version 1.1 of his CD- and DVD-Creating Program Frying Pan.

  • [Feature Request] Eject after write option (Error)
  • [Feature Request] Write speed selection (Error)
  • [Feature Request] add 'Blank Before Write' checkbox to write page (Error)
  • [Feature Request] "Tool" button that will allow run operations quickly (Error)
  • [GUI] FP freezes when a lot of files are added and displays bad drive information (Error)
  • [Behaviour] ISO builder is very slow (Error)
  • [Behaviour] Add sii####ide.device to list of harmless devices (Error)
  • [Behaviour] Fryingpan crashes upon close, when started from an icon (Error)
  • [Behaviour] Files in iso builder are not sorted (Error)
  • [Behaviour] ASL requesters show weird chars in path when native characters were used previously (Error)
  • [Behaviour] Crash, when no file is selected to add to data/audio tracks and user presses OK (Error)
  • [Engine] Engine has problems detecting profile of older drives (Error)
  • [Behaviour] Program is unable to stop download when file writing fails. (Error)
  • [Feature Request] measure time req'd to complete erase/format operation, report it as ETA (Error)
  • [GUI] the disc usage bar does not show calculated disc usage (Error)
  • [GUI] Drag'n'Drop to Data/Audio tracks does not work (Error)
  • [Behaviour] FryingPan does not remember Disc Name and System ID for next session (Error)
  • [GUI] Layout size reported improperly (Error)
  • [GUI] Iconified FryingPan shows default icon labelled as "unnamed" (Error)
  • [Behaviour] FryingPan keeps lock on displayed images after exit (Error)
  • [Behaviour] When FP is unable to open UI module, it crashes (Error)
  • [Behaviour] a1ide.device is reported as unknown / potentially harmful (Error)
  • [GUI] Enforcer hits after selecting dos device (Error)
  • [GUI] length of large tracks (>4GB) is displayed improperly (truncated) (Error)
(snx) (Translation: (aj)

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