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Archive 02/2007

Martin (DaFreak) Rebentisch (ANF)

Music: Liquid Skies records #098
The scene group Liquid Skies released today their 98th music pack. This time the pack includes a tune named "Extra Sound" which is electro style and has been composed by the Russian musician Alex West. Cover art work has been done by DaFreak.

More informationen regarding that track which can be downloaded at the title link:
  • Title: Extra Sound
  • Artist: Alex West
  • Style: Electro
  • Durtion: 4:46
  • Format: mp3 @ 160 kbps
  • Size: 5,4 MB (ZIP archive)
(snx) (Translation: (ub)

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HelmutH (ANF) FAQ collection expanded
The FAQ collection at has been exapnded with some new topics:
  • OS4 Final - setting DMA modi using the SI0680
  • activation of the OS4 look at new screens
  • OS4 - printing issues
  • printer settings and memory size are not used
  • U-Boot hints
  • Firmware - which option for stdin and stdout?
  • Filesystem Cache for FFS partitions
  • Change filesystem from "read-only" to "read/write"
  • DNS doesn't work at the A1 with Debian when MiamiDX is used as firewall/router
  • obtaining glibc version
  • G-Rex PCI - tested hardware
  • G-Rex PCI - supported chipsets
  • T-DSL with the Amiga
  • A600/A1200 PCMCIA WLAN installationaund configuration
  • A600/A1200 PCMCIA network installation and configuration
  • MiamiDeluxe configuration - Amiga as router
  • YAM 2.3 - configuration help for newbies
  • Apache 1.3.20 - installation
(cg) (Translation: (ub)

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Amigaharry (ANF)

MorphOS: SearchStar 0.76k
The new version by Tom "AmigaHarry" Duin's search program SearchStar is working much faster now when seeking strings within files. (cg)

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Ron van Schaik (ANF)

Commodore Gebruikers Groep: Pictures of several hardware projects
At the Dutch Commodore Gebruikers Groep's website there are several pictures available from the last club meeting available when the MiniMig, the 1541-II and 1541-Ultimate have been presented.

To the club's website also a report with information about the DC2N, a flash based reproduction ofa Commodore 'Datasette' has been added. (cg) (Translation: (ub)

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Amiga Future (Webseite)

Tutorial: Installing a Minimal-Linux-System for E-UAE (English)
Under the title link Amir Ansari describes how you can install a minimal Linux system on a x86-computer for using the Amiga-emulator E-UAE.

The Linux part only requires 16 MB on the harddrive and the total time of booting is 15 seconds. (snx) (Translation: (dr)

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Demo-Scene: ASCII-Newsletter "OldSkool UK", issue 4
"OldSkool UK" is a Scene-Newsletter in ASCII design. Issue 4 is now available. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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27.Feb.2007 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: Half of Sputnik-Bounty achieved / Repayment possible
The half of the required amount for the AmigaOS 4 port of the KHTML-browser Sputnik ( reported) was achieved with 1.535,65 Euro.

Now it is also possible to pay back the money if until 14. October the amount of 3050 will be not achieved (minus the PayPal fee). But this request must be sent 14 days after the end of the period at the latest. (snx) (Translation: (dr)

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Aminet-Uploads until 26.02.2007
These are the latest Aminet uploads:
FussballBundesliga.lha       biz/misc     27K    GEN   TurboCalc Spreadsheet Football (german)
wookiechat2_5.lha            comm/irc    1.8M    VAR   IRC client (Internet Relay Chat)
AmiGG-newWT.lha              comm/misc    20K    GEN   Window toolbars for AmiGG 0.44.6
IPmui.lha                    comm/misc    19K    OS3   IPmui (src code included)
SMSmui.lha                   comm/misc    71K    OS3   SMSmui (src code included)
NetFS.lha                    comm/net     20K    OS3   Remote filesystem between Amigas (AmiTCP
BabelDoc.lha                 comm/tcp     40K    OS3   Translate docs or strings
FreeDB-de.lha                comm/tcp     22K    GEN   German locale for FreeDB           comm/tcp    200K    ARO   Non-interactive HTTP downloads of files            comm/tcp    1.3M    GEN   Sourcecode with metamake file for wget
wput-0.5.lha                 comm/tcp    193K    OS3   wput 0.5 (think...the opposite of wget)
A71Mail.lha                  comm/www     21K    GEN   Email Form multilanguage written in php
apache_1.3.37.lha            comm/www    1.8M    OS3   Apache 1.3.37
apache_1.3.37_mos.lha        comm/www    1.9M    MOS   Apache 1.3.37
apache_1.3.37_php.lha        comm/www    6.4M    OS3   Apache 1.3.37 with PHP 4.4.4
apache_1.3.37_php_mos.lha    comm/www    8.9M    MOS   Apache 1.3.37 with PHP 4.4.4
asp2php_0.77.3.lha           comm/www    132K    OS3   ASP to PHP converter.
asp2php_0.77.3_mos.lha       comm/www    147K    MOS   ASP to PHP converter.
IBrowseSP.lha                comm/www     19K    GEN   IBrowse 2.x spanish catalogs
privoxy_3.0.2_mos.lha        comm/www    973K    MOS   Privoxy
PvD_AWeb_32x32.lha           comm/www    4.3M    GEN   24bit AWeb navigation panel, size 32x32
thttpd_2.21b_php.lha         comm/www    4.6M    OS3   thttpd v2.21b with PHP 4.4.4
thttpd_2.21b_php_mos.lha     comm/www    7.1M    MOS   thttpd v2.21b with PHP 4.4.4
thttpd_2.25b.lha             comm/www     98K    OS3   thttpd v2.25b
thttpd_2.25b_mos.lha         comm/www    122K    MOS   thttpd v2.25b
MOB.lha                      demo/aga    1.3M    OS3   Million Bugs Demo by Dream's day
LittleGhost.lha              demo/intro  203K    OS3   AGA-Intro by Dissident
MV-LaChP.lha                 demo/intro  271K    OS3   all "LaChopper" editions in a single pac
CestinoGlobale.lha           dev/basic    51K    OS3   Global trashcan under Blitz development
SFinfo.lha                   dev/basic    23K    OS3   "sndfile.library" dev kit for Blitz
Annotate.lha                 dev/cross    56K    OS3   Comments/reformats DASMX 2650 cross-dis
jpeg_6b.lha                  dev/gg      219K    OS3   jpeg Library and Tools
ruby.lha                     dev/gg      1.8M    MOS   Interpreted scripting language
zlib_1.2.3.lha               dev/gg       87K    OS3   ZLib Library
freetype-2.1.9-68k.lha       dev/lib     2.0M    OS3   freetype 2.1.9 68k
SDL_net-1.2.5-68k.lha        dev/lib     299K    OS3   SDL_net 68k
SDL_ttf-2.0.7-68k.lha        dev/lib     2.2M    OS3   SDL_ttf 2.0.7 68k                 dev/misc    331K    ARO   An Integrated Development Environment
MCC_TextEditor-15.20.lha     dev/mui     471K    VAR   Texteditor custom class for MUI
MCC_TheBarSP.lha             dev/mui       7K    GEN   MCC TheBar 21.1 spanish catalog v21.1.0
ballgame.lha                 dev/src     158K    OS3   ballgame
Poke-Mem.lha                 dev/src      64K    OS3   Poking memory, using Python V1.4+.
Python_Enhancement.lha       dev/src     191K    OS3   Enhancing Python Code, Classic AMIGAs
SDL_net_demos-AmigaOS.lha    dev/src     1.0M    OS3   SDL_net_demos
dvdrtools-68k.lha            disk/cdrom  821K    OS3   Burn DVD-R and DVD-RW with your Amiga!
AmigaPower.lha               docs/hyper   62K    GEN   aMiGa=PoWeR French Amiga Magazine     game/actio  1.3M    ARO   Missile command clone
JumpingAround.lha            game/demo   255K    OS3   JumpNRun demo game, working in progress
WoodenBars.lha               game/demo    75K    OS3   Simple bars game for all the PAL AMIGAs
Q2CE.lha                     game/edit    76K    OS3   Questron 2 Character Editor
Eye1-docs-solution.lha       game/hint   528K    GEN   EyeOfTheBeholder1 Docs in amigaguide for
Eye2-docs-solution.lha       game/hint   366K    GEN   EyeOfTheBeholder2 Docs in amigaguide for
GAME19.lha                   game/hint   443K    GEN   GAME PLAYER Docs Disks in amigaguide for
GAME33.lha                   game/hint   553K    GEN   GAME PLAYER Docs Disks in amigaguide for
MA-GA-DOCS-DISKS.lha         game/hint    14M    GEN   MA-GA Docs Disks in amigaguide format
njam-morphos.lha             game/jump   1.5M    MOS   cross-platform pacman-like game
dzip29_mos.lha               game/misc   226K    MOS   (de)compresses NetQuake demo (.dem) file       game/misc   291K    ARO   Remake of an old Atari XL game
openttd-68k.lha              game/misc   1.8M    VAR   OpenTTD for AmigaOS 3
qwdtools_mos.lha             game/misc   137K    MOS   Convert QuakeWorld .qwd demo files to .m
Aqua_1.lha                   game/role    27M    VAR   Full release of graphic adventure game
Aqua_2.lha                   game/role    26M    VAR   Full release of graphic adventure game
Aqua_3.lha                   game/role    48M    VAR   Full release of graphic adventure game
Aqua_4.lha                   game/role    45M    VAR   Full release of graphic adventure game
keithsquest.lzh              game/role   2.5M    OS3   Keith's Quest FULL GAME
ADescent040W3D.lha           game/shoot  321K    OS3   Amiga Descent Version 0.8 (040,Warp3D)
ADescent060W3D.lha           game/shoot  316K    OS3   Amiga Descent Version 0.8 (060,Warp3D)
sdlquake-1.0.9.lha           game/shoot  2.2M    OS3   sdlquake 1.0.9         game/shoot  1.0M    ARO   Action-puzzle game X-pired          game/shoot  501K    GEN   xpired source with metamake
TotalChaosAGAr6.lha          game/strat   76M    OS3   Magic & Monsters combat strategy!
gnugo-morphos.lha            game/think  1.2M    MOS   GNU Go, an ascii based Go program
goboss-morphos.lha           game/think  2.5M    MOS   SDL frontend for GNU Go program
Chainy.lha                   game/wb      53K    OS3   Link-up some chains!
dvdauthor.lha                gfx/conv    1.5M    OS4   A set of tools to help you author a DVD
GS8gui.lha                   gfx/conv     48K    GEN   GUI for Ghostscript8 done with rxMUI
mjpegtools.lha               gfx/conv    1.6M    OS4   MJPEG Tools        gfx/conv    232K    ARO   Transform bitmaps into vector graphics
potrace.lha                  gfx/conv    801K    VAR   potrace - raster bitmap to SVG converter         gfx/conv    469K    GEN   Potrace source code with metamake file      gfx/conv    550K    ARO   GUI driven optical character recognition  gfx/conv    817K    GEN   GUI driven optical character recognition
lunapaint_v031.tar.gz        gfx/edit    358K    ARO   Graphics program similar to TVPaint on A          gfx/misc     42K    ARO   Exif Jpeg header/thumbnail manipulation           gfx/misc     62K    GEN   jhead source code with metamake file
SView5.lha                   gfx/misc    2.8M    VAR   SView5 Image Viewing/Processing Package
hpcdtoppm-mos.lha            gfx/pbm     118K    MOS   PhotoCD to ppm/pgm/PS converter (MOS)
EVGoyaSE.lha                 gfx/show    366K    OS3   Show,play,copy, etc. pictures and sounds
ArakAttack.lha               hard/drivr  172K    VAR   USB Driver for Amithlon & OpenPCI (v1.23
ircom.lha                    hard/drivr  321K    VAR   V2.10 Infra red driver system
ircomremote.lha              hard/drivr  210K    VAR   V2.10 Control your computer by using a r
Laserjet_D_Src.lha           hard/drivr   13K    GEN   Laserjet D Driver (source)
mmkeyboard.lha               hard/drivr  615K    VAR   V3.24 Multmedia keyboard driver
newDblNTSC.lha               hard/drivr  116K    OS3   newDblNTSC monitor driver + some extras
PreludeAHI.lha               hard/drivr   13K    OS3   AHI driver for Prelude series v6.35
ratocUSBSCSIpatch13.lha      hard/drivr   17K    OS3   For U2SCX USB-SCSI-adapter with Poseidon
PHILIPS_CM8833-C.pdf         hard/misc   2.4M    GEN   Scheme of monitor Philips CM8833-C
AmiArcadia.lha               misc/emu    253K    OS3   Arcadia 2001/Interton VC 4000 emulator
Apple2000e.lha               misc/emu    1.2M    OS3   Apple 2/2e emulator with source
ASpEmu.lha                   misc/emu    168K    OS3   48K/128K/+2 Sinclair Spectrum emulator.
ASpEmu_NOROM.lha             misc/emu    106K    OS3   48K/128K/+2 Sinclair Spectrum emulator.
Handy095.lha                 misc/emu    307K    OS3   Lynx emulator 0.95 for Amiga 68K
ShapeShifter.lha             misc/emu    282K    OS3   Macintosh II emulator
ZXLive.lha                   misc/emu    101K    OS3   ZX-Spectrum 48/128k/Pentagon Emulator
mathomatic-12.5.4-68k.lha    misc/math   259K    OS3   Computer Algebra System Mathomatic
da3.lha                      misc/sci    436K    MOS   Digital Almanac III MorphOS native binar
statist-1.3.0.lha            misc/sci    837K    OS3   statistical analysis w/ GNUplot support
intheplace.lha               mods/kicko   90K    GEN   In the place - Techno by Transplant
VoiceOfAmiga.lha             mods/smpl   818K    GEN   Atmospheric voice for system events
shntool-0.97.lha             mus/edit     35K    OS3   WAVE data processing and reporting utili
shorten-3.6.0-68k.lha        mus/edit    130K    OS3   shorten-3.6.0
shorten-3.6.0-src-68k.lha    mus/edit    528K    GEN   shorten-3.6.0 source code         mus/misc     42K    ARO   id3 tagger and renamer          mus/misc     55K    GEN   Source code for id3ren
AHIRecord-68k.lha            mus/play     28K    OS3   Advanced AHI HD-Recorder V1.14
AHIRecord-OS4.lha            mus/play     58K    OS4   Advanced AHI HD-Recorder V1.15
AmigaAMP-Decoder-68k.lha     mus/play     51K    OS3   Enhanced 68k decoding engine for AmigaAM
AmigaAMP-Decoder-OS4.lha     mus/play     68K    OS4   Enhanced OS4 decoding engine for AmigaAM
AmigaAMP-Decoder-PUP.lha     mus/play     88K    PUP   Enhanced PUP decoding engine for AmigaAM
AmigaAMP-Decoder-WUP.lha     mus/play     53K    WUP   Enhanced WOS decoding engine for AmigaAM
AmigaAMP.lha                 mus/play    405K    OS3   MPEG audio player with GUI (68k/PPC)
arosamp_alpha_0.18.tar.gz    mus/play    170K    ARO   AROSAmp Alpha
EP_Quartet.lha               mus/play     13K    OS3   EaglePlayer "Quartet" external replayer
EP_QuartetST.lha             mus/play     10K    OS3   EaglePlayer "Quartet ST" ext. replayer
hivelyplay.lha               mus/play    180K    VAR   Hively player library + AmiNetRadio plug
playOGG.lha                  mus/play    1.3M    OS3   multi format sound player.
SimpleSamples.lha            mus/play     43K    OS3   Little musical toy for all the AMIGAs
tunenet_dt.lha               mus/play     17K    OS4   Datatypes plug-in for TuneNet                   pix/gicon    90K    GEN   New 8bit DefIcons for AmigaOS
AP37Covers.lha               pix/misc    173K    GEN   aMiGa=PoWeR n°37 Cover Recto
PvD_PNGs_No5.lha             pix/picon   4.4M    GEN   415 nice PNG Icons, Vol.5
PvD_PNGs_No5_64x64.lha       pix/picon   2.1M    GEN   89 nice PNG Icons, Vol.5, sizes +64
wet_stardock.lha             pix/picon   203K    GEN   Stardock PNG weather icons for Wet
AmiKit-PNG.jpg               pix/wb      143K    GEN   AmiKit 1.3.0 with dual PNG icons
AmiKit.jpg                   pix/wb      263K    GEN   Screenshot of AmiKit 1.2.9 environment
PavlorsWB-A1200.jpg          pix/wb       82K    GEN   Workbench Screenshot 640x400, 32 colours
pdf2pic.lha                  text/dtp    1.3M    OS3   an alternative way of viewing PDF's
BareED.lha                   text/edit   367K    OS3   ASCII/TIS-620 editor/text highlighting
CygnusEd_5_SP.lha            text/edit    21K    GEN   Spanish catalogs for CygnusEd Pro 5.x       text/misc   242K    ARO   Convert Word documents to TXT/PDF/PS         text/misc     2K    ARO   AmiLua/Zune GUI for Antiword
rman.lha                     text/misc   289K    VAR   PolyglotMan - reverse compile man pages
bzip2_1.0.3.lha              util/arc    336K    OS3   Bzip2 file compressor/de-compressor
ibpointerfix.lha             util/boot    13K    MOS   Small patch for IBrowse 2.4 users
MemOptimizer.lha             util/boot   136K    OS3   Memory defrag + GUI & optional Patches
ShellUpdate.lha              util/boot   107K    OS3   Update OS 3.9 BB2 Shell to 45.25
skick346.lha                 util/boot    95K    OS3   Soft-kicker under OS 2.0 - new release
AmiSnap.lha                  util/cdity   40K    OS4   Iconify any window on your wb with FX
meridian.lha                 util/cdity  333K    VAR   V2.23 PDA like input system
AKCC.lha                     util/cli    164K    VAR   Advanced CLI-Commands for OS V33-50
glow32.lha                   util/cli     28K    MOS   Create 32bit glowicons
DM_con_LL.lha                util/dir     10K    GEN   DiskMaster config and associated scripts
akFAXX-dt.lha                util/dtype  183K    VAR   akFAXX-dt (IFF-FAXX, 68000-060)
akGIF-dt.lha                 util/dtype   41K    VAR   akGIF-dt (GIF, 68000-060/MOS)
akJFIF-dt.lha                util/dtype  208K    VAR   akJFIF-dt (JPEG, 68000-060/MOS)
akLJPG-dt.lha                util/dtype   70K    VAR   akLJPG-dt (LJPG, 68000-060)
akNAIL-dt.lha                util/dtype   63K    VAR   akNAIL-dt (IFF-NAIL, 68000-060)
akPNG-dt.lha                 util/dtype  207K    VAR   akPNG-dt (PNG, 68000-060/MOS)
akSVG-dt.lha                 util/dtype   71K    VAR   akSVG-dt (SVG [SView], 68000-060)
akTIFF-dt.lha                util/dtype  521K    VAR   akTIFF-dt (TIFF, 68000-060/MOS)
svg_dt_os4.lha               util/dtype  909K    OS4   Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) datatype
ppclibemu.lha                util/libs   237K    WUP   ppc.library emulation under WarpOS
AmigaListLoader.lha          util/misc    36K    OS3   List Loader for Digital Satellite Receiv
Aminet-Readme-Creator.lha    util/misc    42K    OS3   Generates Aminet upload .readme file
AssignToy.lha                util/misc    18K    GEN   Logical Device Manager
Installer.lha                util/misc   177K    MOS   App installation utility (AROS backport)
MyGenesisReport.lha          util/misc    32K    OS3   Genesis Report Replacement
SayToy.lha                   util/misc    20K    GEN   Speech Text Translator and Narrator
idle2_1.lha                  util/moni    17K    OS3   A (working) A68K cpu monitor
idlewos.lha                  util/moni    12K    WUP   A cpu monitor with WarpOS Support
SnoopDos_MOS.lha             util/moni   802K    MOS   SnoopDos 3.9 PPC for MorphOS
Snoopium.lha                 util/moni   105K    MOS   System monitoring tool for MorphOS
Argue.lha                    util/sys    172K    OS3   Create a MUI GUI for *ANY* program.
Dates_Monster.lha            util/time    13K    OS3   Shows the week day of any date
OrthodoxLent.lha             util/time    10K    VAR   Calculate orthodox lent, serious bug fix
wet.lha                      util/wb     578K    OS4   Weather conditions on WB, AppIcon, Docky
(cg) (Translation: (dr)

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AROS-Archives: Uploads until 26.02.2007
These are the latest uploads to the AROS-Archives:                  dev/ide  330kb  Murks! An Integrated Development Environ
libsdl.a                      dev/lib  311kb  libSDL.a - i386-aros  gra/con  549kb  GUI driven optical character recognition   gra/con  816kb  GUI driven optical character recognition
lunapaint_v031.tar            gra/edi  720kb  Graphics program similar to TVPaint on A            net/mis  199kb  Non-interactive download of files from t             net/mis    1Mb  Sourcecode with metamake file for wget
(cg) (Translation: (dr)

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27.Feb.2007 Uploads until 26.02.2007
These are the latest the uploads to
tunehvl_plug.lha     aud/pla   59kb  HivelyTracker (HVL) / AHX plugin for Tun
tunempc_plug.lha     aud/pla   75kb  MusePack (.mpc) plugin for TuneNet
ahirecord.lha        aud/rec   58kb  Advanced AHI HD-Recorder
flac.lha             aud/rec    1Mb  Flac command line encoder/decoder
tide.lha             dev/ide  333kb  tiny C/C++ development environment
adplug.lha           dev/lib    3Mb  Plays heaps of PC music formats
gmp.lha              dev/lib  518kb  OS4 port of GMP (GNU Maths Package)
libmpcdec.lha        dev/lib  117kb  Musepack decoder library
sysvipc.lha          dev/lib  217kb  SystemV IPC implemementation for AmigaOS
vdappc.lha           dev/uti   29kb  A PowerPC disassembler.
wifisignal.lha       dri/uti   40kb  Wifi Signal Monitor for Prism2 cards.
funnymu.lha          emu/com    1Mb  A Whizzard, Funvision and Creativision e
exomizer.lha         emu/uti  506kb  A cruncher for 8-bit computers using 650
hhhorse.lha          gam/act    4Mb  Help Hannah's Horse - A cute one for the
ww2.lha              gam/boa    2Mb  World War II strategy war game
dzip.lha             gam/mis  216kb  (de)compresses NetQuake demo (.dem) file
qwdtools.lha         gam/mis  107kb  Convert QuakeWorld .qwd demo files to .m
nazghul.lha          gam/rol    2Mb  Ultima 5-like engine and the full game '
dreamdeal.lha        gam/str    1Mb  Dream Deal real estate game preview
nuvola.lha           gra/ico    9Mb  'Nuvola Icons' a Sys Rep. Icon Set with 
samuraivol1.lha      gra/ico    1Mb  'Samurai Set Vol. I' a PNG iconset. (64,
samuraivol2.lha      gra/ico    1Mb  'Samurai Set Vol. II' a PNG iconset. (64
asnuvola.lha         gra/the   55kb  'Nuvola' Icons for AmiStart
dvplayer-os4se.lha   gra/vie   84kb  The "OS4 SE" Skin for DvPlayer
libusb.lzx           lib/mis  129kb  libusb port for OS4
x11.lha              net/mis   83Mb  X11-R6.3 prerelease 3 for AmigaOS 4 (Cyg  off/wor    2Mb  Cinnamon Writer is a WYSIWYG editor
push4dock.lha        uti/doc  241kb  A Start Menu like Environment based on A   uti/fil  454kb  Icon Theme for Amidisk 1.05 +
ccd2iso.lha          uti/fil  119kb  CloneCD - CD image converter
diskmaster2.lha      uti/fil  257kb  DiskMaster2 for OS4
mountdos.lha         uti/har   48kb  MountDos V1.2.2 make mountlist PC harddr
duto_oscp.rexx       uti/scr    0kb  open active(s) icon(s) and close parent 
asciitable.lha       uti/tex   74kb  ASCIITable (Commodity)
amisnap_fx.lha       uti/wor   40kb  Iconify any window on your wb with FX
appmanager.lha       uti/wor  396kb  Application.library exchange clone
backdropicons.lha    uti/wor  219kb  Script to make icons for wb-backdrop ima
fuelgauge.lha        uti/wor   66kb  Volume gauge on WB
pixelruler.lha       uti/wor   51kb  A pixel ruler
wet.lha              uti/wor  578kb  Weather conditions on Workbench 4, AppIc
mjpegtools.lha       vid/con    1Mb  MJPEG Tools
dvdauthor.lha        vid/med    1Mb  A simple set of tools to help you author
dvplayer-demo.lha    vid/pla  527kb  Video Player with skinnable GUI
(cg) (Translation: (dr)

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Amiga Inc. registered a new brand in germany
Amiga Incorporated has at the german patentoffice registered to new brands last year: first the wording AMIGA ENABLED (released on the 15 Dec 2006, Registerno.30653991.8, and the wording AMIGA ANYWHERE (22.12.2006, 30653845.8).

Both Brands are proposed by the solicitor's office Heuking, Kühn, Lüer & Wojtek in Frankfurt (Germany) on the 31.Aug.

Following trademark rights are also over handed to Gateway-Tochter Amiga Development LLC last year:
  • powered by AMIGA (Word-/Picture brand, 39737629.4)
    • until 17.03.1999: AMIGA International, Inc., 63225 Langen
    • until 08.06.2006: Amiga Development LLC (in acc. to the lay of the Staates Delaware), North Sioux City, S.D., US
  • AMIGA OS (Word brand, 39546400.5)
    • until 22.01.1998: Escom AG i.K., 44867 Bochum
    • until 08.06.2006: Amiga Development LLC (in acc. to the lay of the State of Delaware), North Sioux City, S.D., US
    • Word-/Picture brand, 39532200.6
      • until 01.01.1998: Escom AG i.K., 44867 Bochum
      • until 28.02.2006: Amiga Development LLC (in acc. to the lay of the State of Delaware), North Sioux City, S.D., US
    • Word brand, 1085602
      • until 18.12.1995: Commodore-Amiga, Inc. (in acc. to the lay of the State of Kalifornien), Los Gatos, Calif., US
      • until 01.01.1998: Escom AG i.K., 44867 Bochum
      • until 08.06.2006: Amiga Development LLC (in acc. to the lay of the State of Delaware), North Sioux City, S.D., US
    • Word brand, DD647540
      • until 22.01.1998: Escom AG i.K., 44867 Bochum
      • until 08.06.2006: Amiga Development LLC (in acc. to the lay of the State of Delaware), North Sioux City, S.D., US
  • AMIGA DOS (Word brand, 1159021)
    • until 18.12.1995: Commodore Amiga Inc., West Chester, Pa., US
    • until 22.01.1998: Escom AG i.K., 44867 Bochum
    • until 08.06.2006: Amiga Development LLC (in acc. to the lay of the State of Delaware), North Sioux City, S.D., US
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der_letzte_Amiganer (ANF)

Event: Computer- and Videomarket in Bremen (3./4. March)
Computer- and Videomarket in Bremen at the Bürgerzentrum Neue Vahr will open this year on 3. and 4. March 2007 between 9am and 5pm.

The User der Nordseeküste hope, they welcome the trader from Osnabrück Axel Knabe with an Efika-Board from bplan and the from Guido Mersmann builded proper housing.

Also the Computer- and Videomarket presents a lot of opportunities to get a good bargain of Computer-, Electronics or Stillcameras. (snx) (Translation: (aj)

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