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Archive 05/2008

MorphZone (Forum)

MorphOS: MPlayer 1.0 (svn-2008.05.11)
Fabien Coeurjoly has made available an update to the video playback program MPlayer 1.0 for MorphOS.

The new version merely resolves minor errors of the previous version, and therefore, principally addresses users who were affected by these.

  • Usergroup.library (and thus tcp stack) not required at init anymore
  • Fixed an ffmpeg bug in rv10 (.ram files) recognition that would cause a crash
  • Prevent mplayer from using localised float representation (that is "," as decimal for instance). Should fix the bug with a-v delay hotkey and others
Download: MPlayer-1.0-svn-2008.05.11.lha (8 MB) (snx) (Translation: (cad)

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Andreas Falkenhahn (ANF)

SCUI GUI library for Hollywood
At present, Fabio Falcucci is working on a GUI library for Hollywood 3. A video released on Youtube shows first impressions of the library in action: Buttons, progress bars, lists, text fields, scroll bars, and even SCUI windows of one's own are displayed, among other things. By means of the cross-platform functionality of Hollywood 3, this GUI library does not only run under AmigaOS, but also under Windows and Mac OS. (cg) (Translation: (cad)

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11.May.2008 (Web page)

Video Magazine: AmitopiaTV #05
Amitopia TV is an English video magazine about the Amiga. The fifth issue includes the following topics:
  • Amiga News Headlines
  • PowerDev 2008 report + MorphOS 2 on EFIKA
  • Blender PowerDev Xtra
  • Relic Amiga Demo by Nerve Axis
  • Only Amiga Song

Amitopia TV at GoogleVideo
Amitopia10thOfMay2008.avi (cg) (Translation: (cad)

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Pictures and videos from the Powerdev Meeting
Various pictures and videos have now been released from the PowerDev Meeting, which took place from May 1 to 4 in Hörstel and was supported by Genesi.

In addition to numerous pictures of MorphOS 2.0, the developer boards Hellrosa by STx as well as MPC8610HPCD by Freescale can be seen as well. These computers were designated as "Efika 5121e" and "Efika 8610" by the organizer, which should probably be a sign of plans to develop one's own products based on these motherboards, which were already suggested by the Genesi management in various forums and blog entries.

Pictures by PegaYenzi
Amitopia TV with a report from the meeting
Video: Hellrosa STx ("Efika 5121e")
Video: MPC8610HPCD ("Efika 8610") (cg) (Translation: (cad)

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Martin Merz (ANF)

AmigaOS 4: AISS 4.2 - Amiga Image Storage System
Martin Merz is making available version 4.2 of his "Amiga Image Storage System" (AISS). AISS is a system for managing toolbar graphics under AmigaOS 4.

Features in version 4.2:
  • 1885 toolbar images and animations
  • 24-bit PNG images with 8-bit alpha channel
  • Documentation in PDF format
  • AmiUpdate support

The author points out that the installation process can possibly drag on a little and no progress indicator is displayed in the meantime.

AISS conversions for other Amiga systems are already being worked on. (cg) (Translation: (cad)

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Telnet-Mailbox: Amiga Island BBS online again
According to "Syperhawk" on his mailbox "Amiga Island" is accessible via telnet again. The box can be used by ten users and offers "online games, live-chat, OS3/4-support, Amiga-News and more".

You can access Amiga Island BBS under or (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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Graphic program: Concept for "Action Paint"
Under the title link Thilo "Der Wanderer" Köhler has published a concept for a new, open source graphic program called "Action Paint" which will be supposed to be developed with AmiBlitz - feedback or support are very welcome. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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09.May.2008 (Webseite)

Sony PSP: Amiga Theme
For users of the portable game console PSP developed by Sony there is an AmigaSYS-4-inspired theme. Content:
  • Extra Theme Backdrops by Dary (Backdrop & Backdrop2) & Effron/BNS (Retroback)
  • Theme backdrop (Original backdrop) by Rolpho of D6 Entertainment
  • AmigaSYS 4 Theme (for SONY PSP V3.80+) by FOL
  • Original DUALPNG icons by Ken Lester
  • Original Real IconZ by Tony Gore
(snx) (Translation: (dr)

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