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Archive 05/2013

Amiga Future (Webseite)

Compiler: ECX 2.3.0
ECX is a compiler for the programming language E for AmigaOS 3.x, AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS. ECX requires an existing installation of the Amiga-E-package. The changes are listed in the Readme-file. (snx) (Translation: (dr)

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Amiga Forever (RSS feed)

Cloanto: Amiga Forever 2013.0.3.0
An update has been released for the emulator package Amiga Forever ( reported). In version 2013.0.3.0 an issue in Repair System Files has been fixed and some messages and user interface elements have been clarified and improved.

Furthermore, the RP9 preview handler for Windows File Explorer has been improved to support a broader range of formats and an Open Last Log File feature has been added to Help menu. (snx)

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24.May.2013 (ANF)

Atari sells its brands
Atari has failed to find a buyer for its portfolio of franchises. Thus, Atari Inc. now plans to sell its brands on a franchise-by-franchise basis during auctions beginning next month. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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24.May.2013 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: FastView 1.2, SysMon 3.2, FastCompress 1.8, NetDock 50.6
Guillaume Boesel has released updates of some of his programms:

FastView 1.2

FastView is a MUI-based picture viewer which shows the content of a directory as thumbnails. In version 1.2 pictures can be shown via double-click in its real size or via single-click in screen size. With the spacebar you can choose your favourite view. Additionally there are more translations and some minor bugs have been fixed.

SysMon 3.2

SysMon is a little, MUI-based system monitor (NList.mcc wird benötigt). In version 3.2 the benchmark "SDLbench" has been added. Additionally for the memory test RageMem, some comparison values for different computer configurations have been added.

FastCompress 1.8

FastCompress is a collection of four tools which help you to archive directories or files to the formats LhA, ZIP, LZX or 7z.

NetDock 50.6

Netdock is a "Docky" which shows the network activity. In version 50.6 with tooltype you can avoid to show the used interface. Additionally a bug of the AmiUpdate-support was fixed. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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Jump'n Shoot rarity: Paradise Lost for free download
The Turkish Jump'n Shoot Paradise Lost was developed and sold in 1991 by the developers. The programmer Mert Börü has given permission to Open Amiga Games Database to offer the game for free download. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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21.May.2013 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: OSDLauncher 0.3.6
OSDLauncher simulates the multimedia-On-Screen-Displays. Instead of controlling multimedia functions like "louder", "quiter" or "break" with global hotkeys, with these shortcuts OSDLauncher is started first.

The programm then shows the current state (volume, start/stop, eject etc.) and transfers the command via ARexx to the multimedia application (screenshot, video).

OSDLauncher requires AllKey, Mixer, Eject.Os4, MUI_Calc, das PNG-IconModule, AmigaAmp 3.8 and WBRun 53.4. The author explained the installation in the Readme-file and pointed out that this is still a beta version.

Changes in version 0.3.6:
  • Added ARexx engine to OSDLauncher
  • Added tooltypes: nosound; nobootsound; timeoutsingleaction; timeoutsoundaction; stacksize; fadetimesingleaction; fadetimesoundaction
  • Fixed a small window that appeared on the image, thanks to Crisot for fixing this
  • Added a new script to protect the API during work
  • Added options lock and unlock to protect the API on sound volume
  • Added options:
    • amigaampnotpresent
    • amigaampispresent
    • calculatornotpresent
    • calculatorispresent
    • homenotpresent
    • homeispresent
    • mailnotpresent
    • mailispresent
    • filemanagernotpresent
    • filemanagerispresent
    • blankernotpresent
    • blankerispresent
  • Add functions for AMIGAAMP => aamp-backward; aamp-stop; aamp-forward
  • Fixed problems with internal synchronisation
  • Supported keys: "start-filemanager", "blanker-matrix"
  • Added scripts filemanager.arexx and matrixblanker.arexx
  • Added ARexx script for playing after AmigaAMP stops (internal code of OSDLauncher)
  • Fixed playing after AmigaAMP stops with all other options for AmigaAMP
  • Added internal screensaver engine with ARexx port for OSDLauncher [the first screensaver is Matrix (original code by Tixlegeek) and the second is flipclock (original code by Ciro Ippolito)] based on sdl.library with all my optimisations and a bonus for integration with OSDLauncher engine
Download: OSDLauncher.lha (16 MB) (snx) (Translation: (dr)

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