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Archive 09/2015

01.Sep.2015 (Webseite)

Amiga-Emulator: FS-UAE 2.5.40dev
FS-UAE 2.5.40dev is an update for the "stable" version of Frode Solheim's WinUAE-port FS-UAE. First beta versions of version 2.6 were released three weeks ago.

Changes in version 2.5.40dev:
  • Use SetUnhandledExceptionFilter on Windows for JIT direct memory
  • Unified (segfault) exception handler for Windows and Linux
  • Fixed mman for compatibility with JIT direct memory access
  • Re-enable uae_comp_trust* = indirectKS options
  • Allow uae_rtc to be set without disabling uae_chipset_compatible
  • Fixed flickering caused by undefined behavior in shift operations
  • Added new option log_bsdsocket (boolean)
Known bugs:
  • Amiga key sticks when opening/closing FS-UAE menu with modifier+F12 (Bugtracker)
  • FS-UAE freezes with black screen on Windows / nVIDIA? (Bugtracker)
  • Black screen when FS-UAE is started from FS-UAE Arcade? (Bugtracker: 1, 2)
Changes in FS-UAE Launcher 2.5.40dev:
  • New option launcher_font_size
  • Enable screenshot bar for 1280×720 resolution
  • Launcher WHDLoad zip (command line): use A1200 model
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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David Brunet (ANF)

New articles on Obligement website
During the last two months, several new articles have been added to the website of the French AmigaOS and MorphOS magazine Obligement. Translations into other languages are very welcome. If you are interested then please contact David 'Daff' Brunet.

English articles:
  • Interview with Igor Majstorovic
French articles:
  • July/August 2015 news
  • Old articles from Tilt 19 to 46:
    • Review: Sonix
    • Review: The Faery Tale Adventure
    • Report: the computer situation in Yougoslavia in 1987
    • Review: Aegis Draw
    • Hardware: Amiga 500
    • Report: CeBIT 1987
    • Interview with Martin Galway
    • Point of view: Amiga 1000's positioning
    • Interview with Jean-Pierre Chevènement, etc
  • Interview with Igor Majstorovic (designer of the Vampire card)
  • Interview with Tony Canazza (maker of Amitheme)
  • Review: U-Boot 2015.a
  • Review: Quartet
  • Review: Multiviewer NG 1.1
  • DIY: use of a Gotek with a cable of external floppy
  • Hardware: ARMiga
  • Hardware: Vampire 600
  • Hardware: AX2000
  • Hardware: Ranger (update)
  • Hardware: Lorraine (update)
  • Special quizz about MorphOS
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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