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Archive 10/2017


Aminet-Uploads until 21.10.2017
The following archives have been added to the Aminet until October 21st, 2017:         dev/src    3K    68k Simple FFT for AMIGA Python 2...
tigerclaw-amigateaser... game/demo  69K   68k Jump'n Kick, early non-playab...
Greedium.lha             game/wb    863K  MOS A small mui game about numbers
AmiArcadia.lha           misc/emu   4.1M  68k Signetics-based machines emul...
AmiArcadia_OS4.lha       misc/emu   4.5M  OS4 Signetics-based machines emul...
furiatuneGUI1.2.lha      util/app   40K   68k Graphical user interface for ...
TinyLauncher.lha         util/misc  110K  68k WHDLoad frontend and more
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OS4Depot-Uploads until 21.10.2017
The following archive has been added to the OS4Depot until October 21st, 2017:
amiarcadia.lha           emu/gam 4Mb   4.0 Signetics-based machines emulator
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WHDLoad: New installers until 21.10.2017
Using WHDLoad, you can install games, scene demos and intros from cracking groups to your harddisk that were only working from floppy disks previously. The following installer has been added until October 21st, 2017:
  • 2017-10-20 improved: Dragon Wars (Interplay) Slave uses kickstart 1.3 for 68000 compatible (Info)
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AmiWest presentations from A-EON and Hyperion
AmiWest 2017 is taking place in Sacramento (USA) this weekend. The first presentation was another joint effort of Trevor Dickinson (A-EON) and Steven Solie (Hyperion). For the first time in many years, the Hyperion representative did not make any announcements, he was simply there to answer a few questions from the audience at the end of the presentation.

The following is a summary of the topics discussed. Unfortunately, the live stream had a few problems and completely dropped out for two or three minutes during the Q&A session - it's unlikely but possible that we missed something noteworthy.

AmigaOne X5000

The computer is "selling well", even with AmigaOS not being "fully optimised" for the hardware yet. Asked about optimization, Solie explains that the SATA driver "just works, it's not optimised at all". An Ethernet driver is still missing aswell, after that the CopyMem routine would be an obvious target for optimizations. Solie can't say if these updates will be distributed as a complete ISO or separate downloads. Asked for a timeframe, he expects them to arrive "in months, not years". Support for the 2nd CPU core is not discussed. Dickinson points out that a X5000 running MorphOS 3.10 is present at the show.


For the first time, a Tabor motherboard running AmigaOS 4 is on display at AmiWest. It's still missing audio and ethernet drivers, and the FPU emulation is still being worked on. As soon as these problems are solved, the machine could go on sale. Dickinson again mentions a price tag of 400 Euros, but points out it's not clear yet if the licence fee for AmigaOS will be included in that price.

A-EON will offer special builds of its software compiled to achieve maximum speed with Tabor's incompatible FPU. Hyperion will offer an SDK update that will enable external developers to release Tabor builds of their programs aswell.


The Laptop running Windows and (emulated) AmigaOS 3/4 had already been presented at last year's AmiWest. It should have been on sale this year, but due to a supplier messing up, only very few (one?) machine made it to Sacremento. The unintentional one-year-delay was used to "implement a lot of new features", but the new features were not explained during the presentation. A.L.I.C.E.'s price will depend on the actual Laptop used - apparently, several different versions of the package will be offered.


A new release of A-EONs "Enhancer" bundle is in the works. Amongst other things, it will include a new version of the RadeonHD drivers, that support the entire RAM on a Radeon graphics card (as opposed to only two Gigabyte) and newer Radeon GPU models. More details can be found in the screenshots of Dickinson's slides included below.


The LibreOffice port, which was said to have entered betatesting shortly before last year's AmiWest, was not mentioned at all during the presentation. As far as we could tell from observing IRC channels, it didn't come up during the part of the Q&A session where the live stream was dead.

AmigaOS 4

An update for the AmigaOS 4 SDK is in the works, it will be released "as soon as I finish the work". Steven Solie would appreciate some help with this: big parts of the SDK are Free Software or Public Domain, so any external developer could assist Solie in finishing the update.

Asked about a roadmap for Amiga 4 and the lack of updates, Solie points out that this was a new policy introduced by (then) new management - we assume he's referring to Costel Mincea, who joined Hyperion in 2015 as the third director. Solie thinks there "might another change be coming in that policy", he's feeling the "winds of change". According to him, the short-term roadmap is obvious: finish OS4 for Tabor, optimize the X5000 build.

PORTIA: DIY Laptop case for Tabor/Mini-ITX

Hans de Ruiter (RadeonHD, Warp 3D Nova) is working on a Laptop case for his Tabor motherboard. We couldn't make out the details due to audio issues - but it sounded like the plastic case, which is supposed to take any miniITX motherboard, will become a commercial product. Some very small pictures of PORTIA ("PORtable Tabor Incorporating AmigaOne") could be seen on one of Dickinson's slides during the presentation.


Towards the end of his presentation, Dickinson clarifies a joke he made in his latest blog post: "NoviaOS" is simply AmigaOS. He was just having some fun and wanted to point out that AmigaOS will soon support more than two Gigabyte of GFX RAM (see above).

Screenshots of the slides

The following screenshots show all slides from Dickinson's presentation that were shown fullscreen during the (low resolution) live stream. A few more slides were only shown in the background of the video.


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Amiga Future (Webseite)

Scene World: Audio interview with Dr. Peter Kittel
On Scene World the former Commodorea and Amiga Technologies employee Dr. Peter Kittel has been interviewed. Besides, today the third part of the interview series with Christian Spanik has been published. (snx) (Translation: (dr)

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21.Oct.2017 (ANF)

AmigaOS 4: Integrated development environment CodeBench 0.55
After a break of four years, Simon "Rigo" Archer has released a new beta version of his integrated development environment CodeBench (screenshot). AmigaOS 4.1 Update 1 as well as the latest version of the SDK are required. Two free versions of Codebench are offered: One is meant for using with the AmigaOS 4-SDK, the other one is meant for Hollywood users.

A detailed list of changes is included in the download archive. The online documentation has not been updated which will be done step by step. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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Web browser: IBrowse 2.5 presentations at AmiWest and Amiga32
For years the website of the MUI-based web browser IBrowse has published hints for a forthcoming version 2.5. But these hints only were little texts - and the program itself could not be purchased any longer since the exit of the last publisher IOSPIRIT. Therefore many Amiga users have lost faith in an update.

According to the IBrowse team, the forthcoming version 2.5 will be presented during the next weekends at the AmiWest and the Amiga32. Because many users cannot attend the events, the team has provided "a work-in-progress news summary page which lists the main new features and changes since IBrowse 2.4."

New features:
  • OS4 Native Version Added (OS4.1 Final Edition Required)
  • AmiSSL v4 Support
  • MUI 4.0 and 5.0 Support
  • Alpha Channel Support (OS4)
  • 4Gb+ File/Downloads (OS4)
  • OpenSearch support
Re-written features:
  • TextEditField Text Editor
  • Disk Cache clean up
Improved features:
  • JavaScript Engine
  • HTML Engine
  • HTTP Engine
  • Password Manager
  • Cookie support
  • Various GUI Elements
  • Internal Image Decoders
  • Memory Management
  • Bug Fixes
There are also detailed information to the respective points on the IBrowse website. About the HTML Engine it is said: "The existing HTML4 engine has been enhanced, with improved support for more tags and attributes, as well as being compatible with more sites. Redraw speeds of background images containing transparency has been greatly improved."

The FAQ and the Changelog have been updated as well. It is neither said anything about a possible date of release nor about a commercial sale of the program. According to the FAQ it "has yet to be decided" if the IBrowse 2.5 update will be available for free. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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FS-UAE (Webseite)

Emulator: FS-UAE 2.9.7dev (beta)
Frode Solheim has released a new developer version 2.9.7 of the emulator FS-UAE providing the following changes:

Changes in FS-UAE:
  • Support building with latest version of MSYS2
  • Renamed option frame to bezel
  • New option: force_aspect
  • Added shaders compiled/ported/written by guest.r
Changes in FS-UAE Launcher:
  • Fix detection of Windows 10
  • Support building with latest version of MSYS2
  • Include quick setting to toggle display of bezel
  • Quite a bit of changes, but many related to non-Amiga platforms
Changes in FS-UAE Arcade:
  • Respect joystick modes from the game database in input selection screen
  • Fixed aspect toggle button
  • Fixed support for dual X-Arcade controllers
  • Gamepad/joystick devices can be hotplugged with on-screen notifications
  • Option to disable search function (arcade_search)
(cg) (Translation: (dr)

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Andreas Magerl (ANF)

Print magazine: Amiga Future 129 - preview and extracts
A preview and extracts from issue 129 (November/December 2017) of Amiga Future have been released today. Among other things, this issue features a preview of Reshoot R, a review of Hermes and an interview with Ben Hermans. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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Dock in Mac OS style: New version of MacLikeDock (update)
In a tutorial for beatifying Workbench, Stefan Egger has pointed out that an updated version of the dock MacLikeDock is available. The program which was originally written for AmigaOS 4 imitates the look and the performance of the dock of Mac OS X. There is an older port of the program to AmigaOS 3, which is also used in Amikit, but this is supposed to be quite bugged. The version of MacLikeDock which is available on his website still has the version string "Mac-Like Dock 3.2 (03.29.13)", but according to Egger includes diverse bug fixes.

Direct download: MacLikeDock.lha (1,4 MB)

Update: (19.10.2017, 15:30, cg)

According to our reader Cego in our German comment section, compared to the Amikit version, this version of MacLikeDock does not run on AGA systems any longer. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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