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Poll: how many news items should be displayed on the front page?
The Amiga scene went through a lot of change in the last decade: it used to be an alternative desktop computer system with active users, now it's a hobby for retro enthusiasts and collectors. This had effects on both the amount of news items published by - it shrank from 10 to 15 items per day to just 3 or 4 per day - and the behaviour of our readers: many of them only check in every few days now.

While every reader could theoretically configure the front page to suit his needs, experience shows that most people simply use the default settings without ever changing them. That's why we would like to ask our users what their preferred configuration for the front page would be. (cg) (Translation: (cg)

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23.Apr.2015 our policy regarding app stores
With Amigakit's Amistore and Pascal Papara's indieGO!, app stores have entered the Amiga scene. As news items about new or updated titles exclusively available in an app store always equal advertisement for the actual store, it is in the vendors' interest to generate many small updates to achieve as much coverage on news sites as possible - which would result in software from app stores getting more coverage on than applications distributed through other means.

This is why staff decided to use a more conservative approach for app store titles than we do when covering software distributed through traditional websites. While we usually try to cover any and all software updates or new releases in a timely manner, in case of software from app stores we will try to evaluate if the actual improvements or the usefulness of an application are newsworthy.

To help with that process, we tried to formulate a set of guidelines for our approach to app stores. For transparency's sake, these guidelines will be published here as well. The staff would appreciate feedback and further suggestions - after all, this is a first for the team as well.
  1. The app store itself will only be covered in case of updates of the client software, or - depending on the amount of such updates - in case of major updates. Just like traditional stores, internal changes to the shop system, special offers, competitions and the like will be ignored.
  2. Commercial titles added to an app store's inventory will only be covered if they're exclusively available through said app store.
  3. Free software added to an app store's inventory will only be covered if (a) the software in question is exclusively available through said store (b) can be downloaded by new customers without any financial commitments and (c) is deemed useful and/or important enough be the staff (see below).
  4. Updates for free or commercial software exclusively available in an app store will only be covered if the team considers them useful and/or important enough.
Usefulness of an application/importance of a particular update:

If updates for app store software get released, customers should be automatically notified via the app store's client software, which means it is no longer necessary to cover every single bugfix update in a news item. To prevent app store owners from trying to increase coverage by releasing lots of smaller exclusive titles or updates, might ignore smaller releases that would have usually been covered as part of a weekly news item about Aminet uploads or something like that. (cg) (Translation: (cg)

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15.Apr.2015 Change on the main page
For 14 years, the homepage of can be adapted to fit the needs of the users concerning presentation and number of the news. Now we moved this configuration options to a seperate subpage.

This site can be directly accessed in the menu using the link "Configure main page". There you can also find quick links which configure the presentation of the main page without using cookies.

It is planned to set the figure of the news shown on the main page to a reasonable stabdard. A survey in this respect will be carried out soon. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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