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19.Jun.2019 is looking for a server administrator and a PHP developer
After more than 20 years,'s PHP developer and server administrator will be leaving the team in late summer. For maintaining and developing the server and our custom PHP applications, we are thus looking for a server administrator and a PHP developer. Like all other positions in the team, both jobs are unpaid voluntary work.

Server administrator

The server administrator should have experience in setting up and maintaining Linux systems, in detecting potential attacks, creating and restoring backups, system optimisation and both bash and PHP scripting for automating various tasks.

Keywords describing the software we're running on a vServer located in Germany:
  • Debian 9 (systemd)
  • shell access (no Plesk or anything like that)
  • Apache2, Lets Encrypt, mariadb, php-fpm, logrotate (privacy protection), cron
The server administrator can join the team right now or take over in late summer.

PHP developer

The PHP developer should be familiar with PHP 7.3+ without ORM or frameworks, SQL for MariaDB, Composer, Phing, PHPUnit and Behat.

PHP development needs to be taken over in late summer. (cg)

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26.Apr.2019 Server move completed (update 2)
During the next hours will be moving to a new sever. To avoid loss of data, all interactive elements of our web presence (comments, forums) are currently disabled. Once the work has been completed, these features will be enabled and this news item updated. We thank you for your understanding.

Update: (26.04.2019, 21:50, cg)

The move to the new server has been completed, we will now update the DNS entries. It might take a bit of time until all DNS servers know the address of the new server, so depending on the ISP used, visitors might still end up on the old server for a little while.

Update 2: (27.04.2019, 15:00, cg)

DNS entries are updated, all work is done. If you notice anything unusual, please drop us a mail or post in the comments section. (cg)

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21.Apr.2019 Moving to a different server next weekend
On next weekend will move to a new server. The work will likely start on Friday evening. During the move interactive features such as comment section or forum will be disabled. The move itself might take some hours or even days. During this time it can happen that visitors are redirected to the old server which will be documented by a little warning. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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