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Dennis Lohr (E-Mail)

Music: New theme by Psyria
On the occasion of the MesseCD by Andreas Laaser of Elastic Images and because of an interview of Petra Struck Dennis 'Psyria' Lohr published a new theme 2003. The execellent result can be downloaded at the title link.

Dennis, thanks a lot for this incredible Song! (ps) (Translation: (sk)

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17.Apr.2003 Wishes You a Happy Easter!

© Rolf Tingler

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Falcon (ANF)

Interview with Petra Struck ( online
Falcon wrote:
Since today is the interview with Petra Struck (recorded on January, 25th 2003) thanks to the help of the 'User der Nordseeküste' ( finally online.

Download: interview_amiganews.mp3 - 6,15 MB

Sorry for the not so good sound quality but as the interview has a lenght of around 20 minutes and I wanted to make it available to as many users as possible I had shrunk the file to the end lenght of appr. 6.15 MB (40 kb/s).

Soon there'll be a CD released containing an exhibition video and the interview in word and picture (I'm just doing the video cut). On the CD may be a little surprise (if the timing's good) - no more words about it right now. As soon as the CD's finished I'll tell you right here. Enjoy! (ps) (Translation: (wk)

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