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Contest: Amiga Art Contest 2021
The "Amiga Art Contest 2021" (video) is organized by the two Youtubers 10 Minute Amiga Retrocast and Pixel Vixen. In its third edition, participants can submit their works in the categories of "hand-drawn artwork", "digital photography", "ray tracing" and "music pieces". The submissions of the two previous years 2019 and 2020 can be viewed on the official website.

Only works created or (in the case of digital photographs) edited on an Amiga (real or emulated) are eligible. Second place winners will receive A-EON sponsored digital licenses for Personal Paint 7.3 or ImageFX 4.5, first place winners will receive four $50 vouchers for the store. Deadline for entries is October 11, winners will be announced in an episode of the Youtube show "10 Minute Amiga Retrocast". (dr) (Translation: (bb)

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Event: AmiWest 2021 (October 16/17 in Sacramento, USA)
24th AmiWest show will take place on October 16th and 17th 2021 at the Holiday Inn Express Cal Expo in Sacramento, California, USA.

So far, a MorphOS user will present a couple of computers running e.g. the web-browser Wayfarer and the e-mail client Iris. Also Doug Compton will join the show, producer of the weekly "10+ Minutes Amiga Retro Cast". Organized as always by the Sacramento Amiga Computer Club, one of its members will show the AmigaOne X5000 he is beta-testing. (dr) (Translation: (snx)

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Programming contest: Results of BASIC 10Liner Contest
For the "BASIC 10Liner Contest" you could send in self written BASIC programms consisting of exactly 10 lines ( reported). Usually the winners are announced during the annual live show "NOMAM" ("Not only marvelous Atari machinery").

As Gunnar Kanold wrote, due to a case of illness the "NOMAM" could not be take place as planned. Therefore the results of the contest have been announced on Twitter little by little and finally the complete list has been published. On the Games list 2021 all programms are introduced with pictures. "The Children", released for Atari 800 XL, this year has been the winner of the category "EXTREM-256" getting an average score of 10,17 which was the best. This time no programms for Amiga was sent in.

Due to the overwhelming response, Gunnar Kanold is considering to change the mode of the contest: The team could hardly manage this large number of submissions. (dr) (Translation: (dr)

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