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amigaworld (Webseite)

Online competition: Results of 'Commodore Creative Competition 2021'
The results of the "Commodore Creative Competition" this year for the first time virtually organized by the Amiga Users Ireland are now available. All contributions of the categories "Mod/AHX", "Pixel Art" and "Raytracing" can be downloaded. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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Amiga Ireland (ANF)

Online competition: Commodore Creative Competition 2021
The "Commodore Creative Competition" is organized by the "Amiga Users Ireland" every year. In January in a meeting of the group the winners of the categories "Mod/AHX", "Pixel Art" and "Raytracing" will be elected. This time it is going to be a virtual meeting. You can send a competition entry using the upload website as well as take part in the vote. You can reserve tickets for the virtual meeting on Eventbrite. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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25.Oct.2020 (forum)

Event: Video and reports of AmiWest 2020 (update)
This year's AmiWest is taking place this weekend - as usual in Sacramento, California. Our news-item will be updated as further videos, news (besides release of Enhancer Core) and reports are released.

Videos: Reports:
  • Report of Thomas Richter: Individual Computers has released version 3.0 of the RTG driver P96, free for those ones who purchased the software during the last 12 months. It now "supports screen dragging for all graphic cards included in the package, except for the CVisionPPC whose hardware lacks a particular feature to make it work. The next important feature is that there is a new driver pair, namely for the CVisionPPC and BVisionPPC boards. They support all bitmap types (unlike under CGfx) except planar, namely chunky 8 bit, 16 bit RGB, 16 Bit RGB PC, 16 bit BGR PC, 24 bit RGB, 24 bit BGR, 32 bit RGBA, 32 bit BGRA, 32 bit ARGB and 32 bit ABGR."
  • Report of TribbleSmasher: The accelerator board ACA 1260 developed by Individual Computers "is still delayed as features are added and it seems the focus will be on the 040 version because of the shortage or insane prices for 060 cpus. IComp also produced new dsub23 connectors and will create a bugfixed Buster12 chip with Dave Haynie! - ACube will produce the Tabor A1222 prototypes and Tabor is no longer called by its code name anymore. Also the sound driver is ready..." Only "a few bugs to iron out" (AmigaKit). - TribbleSmasher continues writing: "AmigaOS4 updates and bugfixes are plentiful but there is some controversy how to distribute them: new disc or other methods, and date is ambigious too."
  • Report of Amifrog (not public): The kernel ExecSG now boots faster and includes new mechanism for later support of multiple cores; a new version of the Enhancer Software is planned for X-MAS; a PPC-native version of ImageFX Studio was announced.
  • (snx)

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