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amiga ireland 2021 online youtube channel (ANF)

Prototype: New 2-Stick controller for Amiga or C64 introduced
"Abstraction Games" has developed a new joypad for C64 and Amiga which has four fire buttons but also two sticks - working on the joystick port without having to change something on the computer. In the past dual-stick-controllers often were used in slot machines but so far has been not available for Commodore home computers.

Two games have been also introduced which the developers have adapted to the new joysticks: Chaos Engine and Commando (C64). Probably the games will be commercially distributed, maybe as Kickstarter campaign. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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David Brunet (ANF)

Obligement: Update of Amiga Games List
Since April 1991 David Brunet has been maintaining the "Amiga Games List". By updating the list for the 51st time, the database now includes 13.267 games, level editors, data disks, expansions and interpreters, divided into the following categories:
  • 12.664 games
  • 338 extensions and data disks
  • 146 game or level editors
  • 119 interpreters
This update has added games which have been released in 2020 or have been developed using the Scorpion Engine or Haktar. Additionally existing games have been marked which runs on AmigaOS 4, MorphOS or AROS using an interpreter ('[+Interpreted]'). (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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AmiKit (ANF)

Workbench distribution: AmiKit X now available for free
Version X of the Workbench distribution AmiKit, released in May 2017, has been made available for free now. AmiKit is aimed at emulators, supporting Windows, Mac OS and Linux. (snx)

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