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Reddit Simple HTML-Google News for vintage computers
Recently we reportd about the FrogFind! search engine which simplifies search results and thus make them accessable for older browsers. Simultaneously to this project the YouTuber 'Action Retro' has created a Google News website based on SimplePie and a php port of Mozilla's Readability which displays news items without menus, ads, footers and all what it is not necessariliy needed for the message itself. So it is possible to read them for example with the Amiga browser AWeb. You can set your country as well as your favourite news section in the upper menu of the website. The source code is available on GitHub. (dr)

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AmiProv v1.0: Creating an AmigaOS 3 partition with network BootDisk
The Norwegian Amiga user Marius Lauritzen has created a special Network-BootDisk for his A3000 for his own purposes and to prove the feasibility. With this disk he loads various software from Aminet and various other internet sources to finally install AmigaOS 3.1 on an empty hard disk partition.

The BootDisk contains the TCP/IP stack Roadshow, the UHC Tools, DiskImage and Amiga LhA. After Roadshow has been started, a list of required software is first downloaded from Aminet via http and the hard disk installation tool HDInstTools is loaded, unpacked and started. Then the OS3.1 data is downloaded and the operating system is installed on an empty hard disk.

Specifically, an ENV variable contains the URL to the server. If an archive name is then called, the system looks for two things: The archive that contains the program and a custom script that automates the unpacking and installation process. The scripts and the software to be installed, such as MUI or IBrowse, can be placed on a local web server.

According to the author, this concept could be useful for all those who want to do a complete reinstallation of OS3.1 on a real Amiga without having to open the case and create a CF card (with the help of other PCs). (dr)

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Amigans (Website)

ASCII-Szene: Relaunch of aSCIIaRENa
The aSCIIaRENA (opened in 2009) sees itself as a database and as an archive for the Amiga-ASCII scene. A year of development time has gone into a completely new version of the website which went online a few days ago. (cg) (Translation: (bb)

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