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Update Patches for StormC4
There is a first update for StormC which solves several problems and improves as well as completes the support of Mixed Binaries and Shared Libraries. Download site. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Mariusz Wloczysiak via E-Mail

Elbox: S3 ViRGE Driver for Mediator
Elbox announces of having completed the official driver for S3 ViRGE PCI-cards which can be used on the Mediator Busboard. According to Elbox the drivers are 100% compatible to Picasso96 and support the complete 2D-hardware of the cards. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Amiga Music Preservation - Major Update
Amiga Music Preservation (AMP) has got a new design and a lot of new information.

AMP which has been founded by Curt Cool and Crown is a powerful collection of modules of demo scene musicians meanwhile on 16 (!) CDs in all which additionally offers information to well-known scene musicians as well as over 200 interviews! (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Martin Elsner via E-Mail

FTPMount Version 1.3
In addition to ClassAction I have uploaded FTPMount on my homepage.
This is an improved version (1.3) of the program which was developed by Evan Scott and Thies Wellpott.
With FTPMount you can handle FTP-sites just like directories on a harddrive.

Download: ftpmount.lha - 137 kB (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Andreas Kuerzinger via E-Mail

AKTaskiSMS v1.5
On the homepage of Andreas Kürzinger you can download version 1.5 of AKTaskiSMS from now on. It is a German catalog for TaskiSMS2.5 as well as two alternative toolbars in YAM2-style (MWB- as well as RomIcons-colours) and an icon in 32-colourful AKIconGold-design. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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No Risc No Fun on ANF

NRNF: Interview with Oliver Smiles (Abode of Golgotha)
At No Risc No Fun you can find an English interview with Olvier Smiles. He created the great Abode of Golgotha Saga (H2 AddOn) which we have recently tested for you. The TaskiSMS 2.52 review at our site is also rather new. We have added 120st screenshot to our WB gallery. Come and find out how you can design your system more beautiful. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Christoph Meier on ANF

Chip: First Details to Matrox G550 Graphic Chip
»On the English spoken hardware-website there are specifications and details to the new graphic chip by Matrox for the first time. The next Matrox-graphic card is to be called G550 and have the following features:
  • Made in 0,18 micrometer-process
  • 1x, 2x and 4x AGP
  • 360 MHz RAMDAC
  • 32 MByte DDR SDRAM
  • OpenGL- and DirectX-API-Support
  • 256-Bit DualBus-Architecture
  • Matrox Extended Dual-Head-Function
  • Vibrant Color Quality2 Rendering-Technique
  • Environment-Mapped Bump Mapping (EMB)
  • Matrox Skinning
  • Displacement Mapping
  • Ultra Sharp DAC
  • Integrated TV-out DAC
  • High-quality DVD-Playback

Reactor critical refers to an "unofficial" source, but which is supposed to be very reliable.«
See title link for full article. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Christoph Meier on ANF

The Register: PowerPC G5 to hit 2GHz (Update)
»Motorola is pushing ahead with the design of the PowerPC 7500 - aka G5 - company sources have claimed, according to a report over at MacOS Rumors.
We're sure they are, but we're not so sure the report's claims are entirely accurate except in a very broad sense. The report's information is a little too close to the details displayed on Motorola's last publicly released roadmap, dating back to September 1999.
According to the report, the G5 will boast speeds of 2GHz and up, "full-performance backward-compatibility", 512KB of on-die L2 cache a new memory architecture and a modular design allowing the company to offer multi-core chips. It will be fabbed at 0.1 micron using silicon-on-insulator construction.«
(unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Benjamin Yoris via E-Mail

Hyperion Entertainment welcomes Amiga`s OS4 Strategy
In the aftermath of the recent announcement by Amiga Inc. that the Classic Amiga OS would be ported to PPC, many users have asked us to comment on the technical merit of Amiga's OS 4 strategy and what it would mean for games and 3D graphics.

Prior to Amiga's announcement, senior software engineers of Hyperion Entertainment identified the key bottlenecks in the Amiga OS which hampered the performance of our games: the slow 68K based filesystem, the 68K based RTG system, the lack of virtual memory and the dual CPU architecture of the current PPC boards which generates performance-crippling context switches.

Amiga OS 4 will address all these issues and do much more.

We can confidently predict that with Amiga OS 4, users can look forward to performance levels never before seen on the Amiga.

Hyperion Entertainment has therefore signed on to develop the 3D API for Amiga OS 4 and provide a fully featured OpenGL(tm) implementation through Mesa 3.4.

All our current and future game-titles will take full advantage of everything that OS 4 has to offer.

Unlike some who unashamedly claim that « games don't play an important role anymore in the current Amiga market », we are committed to once more make the name « Amiga » synonymous with top-quality entertainment software.

Senior staff-members of Hyperion Entertainment will continue to work with Amiga Inc. to ensure that Amiga OS 4 will provide everything game-developers need to accomplish the goal of putting Amiga back at the forefront of gaming and 3D graphics.

Ben Yoris

Hyperion Entertainment Software
PR Manager
Web: (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Fabian Zaengel on ANF

New Infos about AmigaOne
You will find new pictures of the AmigaOne in an Amiga- and ATX-towercase and the latest FAQ and information for dealers at the title link.

At you can find an interesting forum where Fleecy (Amiga, Inc.), Eyetech, and Hyperion are answering questions about the AmigaOne and AmigaOS4.x. A homepage for the operating system is planned for this week. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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New Link Virus Found
A new linkvirus was found. Until now it is not known which archive installs the virus, but "Safe V15.1" is able to find it. More details at the title link.
Download: Safe.lha
(unk) (Translation: (unk)

[News message: 10. Apr. 2001, 13:31] [Comments: 0]
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VirusExecutor v2.11 Released
Version 2.11 of VirusExecutor, the virus killer, is released. This update can handle the TCP-trojan (we reported). Details:

name: VirusExecutor v2.11
archive: VirusExecutor.lha
archive size: 258.521 bytes
release date: 10. April 2001
coder: Jan Erik Olausen
needed: xvs.library (included), xfdmaster.library, reqtools.library (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Thomas Steiding via E-Mail

e.p.i.c. ports "The Feeble Files" to MAC and MorphOS
e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment gmbh has signed a license agreement to port Adventuresoft's cartoon adventure "The Feeble Files" to the MACINTOSH. The game puts you to play an alien called Feeble who works for the crop circle division of a dictatorial government but somehow get involved in a rebellion to overthrow the system. But you will quickly learn that Rebellion really has never looked so pAtHeTiC.

The MAC version will require a 180 Mhz PPC CPU, MacOS 8.6 or higher and 32 MByte Ram. The game is scheduled for release in May 2001. You will find more detail on the game in the projects section of our homepage.

A version for the alternative PPC OS MorphOS is also planned. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Thorsten Will via E-Mail

"SECRETLY!"(DemoScene) Looking for GFX Artist
"SECRETLY!" is looking for some gfx artists for future projects (demos and so on). If you are interested, send some examples of your work and a little bit about yourself to or to Some information about the group you will find at the title link. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Diverse Sources

Software News
QuickNote V1.5 Beta 1
OnxySoft released version 1.5 (Beta 1) of the program 'QuickNote' by Stefan Blixth. Download: quicknote15b0408.lha

Tales of Tamar Amiga Client V0.34r2
There is a new version (V0.35 R2) of the Amiga-client of Tales of Tamar for registered beta testers available here.

As already reported Hyperion Software uploaded a demo of Shogo:MAD to the Aminet. Download: ShogoDemo.lha or ShogoDemo.lha

Ghostscript 6.50
Rüdiger Hanke announced that
he released version 6.50. The download is available at his Homepage. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Alfred Sturm

New Aminet Uploads
SKF13Theme.lha       biz/dopus  7.1M+Theme for DirectoryOpus5 Magellan 2
ListbrowserPch.lha   biz/patch   10K+Fixes AWeb popup problems with OS3.9 BB1
ShogoDemo.lha        biz/titan   36M+Shogo: Mobile Armor Division demo versio
fnews10.lha          comm/misc   50K+Free configurable News Display Tool for 
daytimedemo.lha      comm/tcp     9K+Daytime client/server example + source (
smbfs.lha            comm/tcp   120K+SMB file system client; complements Samb
TaskiSMS.lha         comm/tcp   362K+Sends SMS to GSM phones (MUI).
mbs-oldskool.lha     demo/ecs   300K+Oldskool Fools by Mandel Bros.
dln-1st.lha          demo/intro 140K+First intro by Deadline SF
dln-dentro.lha       demo/intro 102K+Dentro by Deadline SF
dln-mustro.lha       demo/intro 146K+Mustro (2nd intro) by Deadline SF
Message.lha          demo/intro  88K+An Old-School Demo by HCS 90
upstream1.lha        demo/mag   579K+Upstream 1 diskmag by Balance
upstream10.lha       demo/mag   436K+Upstream 10 diskmag by Balance
upstream8.lha        demo/mag   645K+Upstream 8 diskmag by Balance
dln-notelines.lha    demo/sound 803K+Notelines musicdisk by Deadline SF
deepcore.lha         demo/track 406K+Deepcore trackmo by Balance
JMildred_ScrMd.lha   dev/basic   18K+Example of using Mildred with AGA and RT
devpic.lha           dev/cross   95K+PIC16 development package
FD2Pragma.lha        dev/misc   144K+V2.124 create pragma, inline, ... files
muimaster020.lha     dev/mui     97K+Muimaster.library 020 patch Rel 4
IICopier2.0PL.lha    docs/help    9K+Polish Locale for IconImageCopier2.0
jAnimator1.0PL.lha   docs/help   10K+Polish Locale for jAnimator1.0
MagellanIIPL.lha     docs/help   39K+Polish Locale for MagellanII
Aakt0401GUIDE.lha    docs/mags   89K+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0401HTML.lha     docs/mags  267K+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
rusfaqs.lha          docs/misc   94K+Amiga FAQs, in Russian
SuddenDeath.lha      game/actio  50K+4 player tron
F1GP_2001.lha        game/data    9K+2001 F1 season data for F1GP-Ed (1 April
obvious.lha          game/data  102K+DynAMIte style with obvious colors
MUI_HLed.lha         game/misc   71K+Map editor for HistoryLine 1914-1918
PerOneMine1.lha      game/misc  249K+AGA/ECS Emerald Mine game with 81 levels
PerOneMine2.lha      game/misc  362K+AGA/ECS Emerald Mine game with 81 levels
PerOneMine3.lha      game/misc  363K+AGA/ECS Emerald Mine game with 81 levels
PerOneMine4.lha      game/misc  345K+AGA/ECS Emerald Mine game with 81 levels
PerOneMine5.lha      game/misc  336K+AGA/ECS Emerald Mine game with 81 levels
PerOneMine6.lha      game/misc  372K+AGA/ECS Emerald Mine game with 81 levels
gse1.lha             game/patch  17K+Editor for Gunship2000 roster files
WHD_JWSnooker.lha    game/patch  30K+HD Installer for Jimmy White Snooker
WHD_PDroid90.lha     game/patch  17K+HD Installer for Paradroid90
WHD_RAMHamster.lha   game/patch   8K+HD Installer for Rockstar Ate My Hamster
WHD_UridiumII.lha    game/patch  14K+Uridium II Hard Drive Installer
WHD_Zeewolf.lha      game/patch  25K+HD Installer for Zeewolf
WHD_ZeewolfII.lha    game/patch  24K+HD Installer for Zeewolf II
eyangband.lha        game/role  789K+EyAngband 0.3.0 - Roguelike solo RPG
gumband.lha          game/role  953K+Gumband 2.1.3b - Roguelike solo RPG
kangband.lha         game/role  843K+Kangband 2.9.2r1 - Roguelike solo RPG
oangband.lha         game/role  900K+Oangband 0.5.1 - Roguelike solo RPG
Connect4.lha         game/think  64K+Connect 4 game using MUI (with source)
MagicNumbersDt.lha   game/think   2K+V1.1, German catalog for MagicNumbers v1
MentalBlokz.lha      game/think 405K+Puzzle game that will drive you mental f
Warp3D-4.0.lha       gfx/board  980K+Warp3D V4
SoftCinema.lha       gfx/show   403K+Ultimate Movie Player (PPC) V0.12
FMdriver.lha         hard/drivr 356K+FrameMachine drivers, TV on WB, Videos a
FMdriverVHI.lha      hard/drivr  15K+FMdriverVHI - VHI-FrameMachine drivers
ps2m.lha             hard/hack   23K+Ultimate Amiga PS/2 WheelMouseController
mathdrill.lha        misc/edu    50K+Math Drill Flashcards Program
imdbDiff010330.lha   misc/imdb  2.1M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
vdo_whit.lha         mods/vdo   802K+Valkoinen [xm 14ch]
DelfMPEG.lha         mus/play   161K+MPEG audio player for Delfina DSP
dmdev.lha            mus/play   135K+Mpeg.device for Delfina DSP
MASMPegDevice.lha    mus/play   129K+CBM compat. device for MAS MP3 Player
AMIGirl.lha          pix/misc   321K+Picture of Death - The AMiGA Girl ;) by 
BareED.lha           text/edit  279K+Simple text editor which supports propor
AutoPDF14.lha        text/misc   26K+AutoPDF 1.4 - Convert Postscript to PDF
ltools157_demo.lha   text/misc   70K+Dictionary and Document Translator
CheckX.lha           util/arc    30K+V1.83 Check for Archives/Packers/Viruses
ilbmdtPPC.lha        util/dtype  11K+Ilbmdt for the PPC, running WarpUP (45.3
WarpDTPrefs.lha      util/dtype  27K+WarpDT preferences program V44.3
WarpJPEGdt.lha       util/dtype 133K+JFIF-JPEG datatype V44.19 (68k,WarpOS,Mo
WarpPNGdt.lha        util/dtype 140K+PNG image datatype V44.14 (68k,WarpOS,Mo
cookietool.lha       util/misc   67K+Clean up your fortunes database, V2.5
AmiGOD.lha           util/moni  498K+V1.44 - WB graphics benchmark
WheelBusMouse.lha    util/mouse  12K+Bus Mouse wheel support
ScreenShell.lha      util/shell   9K+Opens full size shell on new public scre
VEPatchBrain.lha     util/virus  19K+PatchBrain v1.29 for VirusExecutor v2.xx
aafont.lha           util/wb      4K+Antialiased fonts on wb (1.1)
choowin.lha          util/wb     19K+Start and Window activation utility
classaction.lha      util/wb    190K+AmigaOS multipurpose filemanager
CondenseIcon.lha     util/wb      6K+Os3.5 tool to make .info files smaller (
mainprefs.lha        util/wb     86K+AmigaOS Preferences GUI
(unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Thomas Würgler on ANF

Trojan Warning (Update II)
Some sort of trojan (apparently the newly uploaded stackattack.lha on Aminet) has caused SMTP bombing of haage-partner. The file is this: StackAttack.lha util/boot 68K 0 V1.2b Kills GURUs (stack problem). It's on the German Aminet mirror.
Could there be hidden loopholes in MorphOS? Read the link and consider for yourself.

Frank Niewiedzial informed us that other files could be affected too.
"Do not download and install safe.lha and fblit.lha. They are fakes and send hatemails to H&P."

Silivio K. told us that the current version of 'BlaceWCP' could be concerned too.
"The current version of BlaceWP, available from the aminet, opens the port 113 (auth) of your computer and connects to the H&P web- and ftpserver! The program itself is not a product of H&P. Thats why it could be possible that it is a trojan too.
The following logs were recorded:
tcp 0 0 pD9042BA5.dip.t-.auth TIME_WAIT
16:00:46.081940 >
16:02:08.530618 > icmp: echo request

Annotation of editor's:
Haage & Partner confirmed that at the moment 15 e-mails arrive at H&P every minute. Juergen Haage: "Do not panic. No normal mail will get lost."

The MorphOS-Team has nothing to do with the virus and dissociate from this! "Lowest level, this is not our way of competition".

Even Georg Steger, the original author of StackAttack dissociates him self in his commentary at ANN.

Virus Help Denmark and the admin of the aminet Matthias Scheler are informed and they will check the files and maybe delete them.

At the title link there is a tool available that removes the task from the ram. After reboot it will be there again and you have to restart the tool.

Annotation: Messsage of the day from Aminet
  • TROJAN HORSES FOUND ON AMINET. The following four archives on Aminet were unfortunately infected: util/boot/StackAttack.lha, util/boot/BlazeWCP.lha, util/virus/Safe.lha and util/boot/FBlit.lha. They contain faked releases of the original software linked with a Trojan horse which sends out abusive e-mails. On infected systems a process called "zakahackandpatch" will show up. If your system is infected deleted the software listed abover or replace it with older versions and reboot. As a protest against this abuse of Aminet we will shut down our services on "" and "" until Friday.
  • DE3.AMINET.NET NOW COMPLETE. The mirror in Erlangen, Germany now stores all Aminet files.

Annotation 10.04.2001:
Following the official message by Virus Help Denmark. They are offering the old alten Archives at there homepage.

Four new 'TCP' trojans was found today on Aminet. If you installed one of these archives, please delete the files. We hope to have a cure for these trojan within the next 24 hours.
The TCP trojan will send an email to 'Haage & Partner', with a very stupid text.

Here is what we know so far:

Virus Type.... : TCP Trojan
Trojan name....: zakahackandpatch

Archive name.. : Safe.lha Archive size.. : About 20 kb
Archive name.. : Fblit.lha Archive size.. : 142.086 bytes
Archive name.. : BlazeWCP.lha Archive size.. : 32.862 bytes
Archive name.. : stackattack.lha Archive size.. : About 32 kb

Thanx to Frank Niewiedzial, Kev Harrison, Luca Longone and many more for your information about these archives..... (unk) (Translation: (unk)

[News message: 09. Apr. 2001, 17:52] [Comments: 0]
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Greg Donner

Update of the Official AmigaOS 3.9 FAQ
Since our last message about the official OS3.9 FAQ by Greg Donner there were many updates in different parts of the FAQ. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

[News message: 09. Apr. 2001, 16:39] [Comments: 0]
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Olaf Koebnik via E-Mail

Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena Prerelease!
We made ArTKnoid by Thilo Koehler (developer of Toadies) available at our side. The program is a arkanoid-clone.

Amiga Arena TaskiSMS annotation
The registration for the special-price for TaskiSMS is now possible via snail-mail. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

[News message: 09. Apr. 2001, 15:20] [Comments: 0]
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Achim Stegemann on ANF

Digital Almanac III - News
After a longer brake there are now some new news about Digital Almanac III (DA 3). The English version is available now! The German update will be available within a few days.

These are the main changes since version 2.0:
  • Improved stability
  • Corrected times of the rising and setting of the moon.
  • PixelCheck-function does not longer crash with CGX-15/16/24Bit-Screens.
  • Times of moon eclipses in the calendar are now in local time.
  • and much more...

Furthermore there are about 100MB of videos concerning astronomy and science-fiction. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

[News message: 09. Apr. 2001, 12:15] [Comments: 0]
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Markus Fellhauer on ANF

AmigAIM 0.9412 Beta Released
Betaversion 0.9412 of AmigaAIM by Richard H. Poser is available for download: AmigAIM_BETA.lha (unk) (Translation: (unk)

[News message: 09. Apr. 2001, 04:47] [Comments: 0]
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Jens Troeger on ANF

I released a small update of InstallerNG. I only changed the runtime error handling: you are able to switch of the error requestors via tooltypes.

There will be version 2 out in some weeks. If you have any wishes for the new version just send me a mail. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

[News message: 09. Apr. 2001, 04:39] [Comments: 0]
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No Risc No Fun on ANF

Abode of Golgotha Saga at NoRiscNoFun
We have a review of the Abode of Golgotha Saga. These games are based on the Heretic II engine. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

[News message: 09. Apr. 2001, 04:37] [Comments: 0]
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