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Czech Amiga News

Alpha Testers Wanted for 'Anim Maker'
'Anim Maker' is a software that makes it easy to create Anime animations. This software is currently in early alpha stage and testers are wanted.

The testing will be held as some kind of competition. The 10 best alpha testers get the possibility to become beta testers and the best beta tester will get the software for free.

Minimum system configuration is an Amiga with cpu 68020+, AGA, MUI V3, toolbar.mcc and some amount of memory.

Interested people may write to (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Fun Time World

EASys! Patch 4.8.4 Version 2
On 3. February 2001 a second patch for EASys! V4.8.4 has been released - the first patch has to be installed before. Before installing the readme file should be read.

The download of the patches is possible via the service packs page of EASys!. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Olaf Koebnik via eMail

Amiga Arena News
Olaf Koebnik wrote:

Full version: Burnout - The Car Bashing Game
The Amiga Arena presents 'Burnout' by Mark Sheeky as free download.

System: AGA, MC68020+,~4MB Fast, 7 MB HD

Burnout has been published by Vulcan Software since 1996 and is freeware, now.

The developer, Mark Sheeky from Scorpions Software, has given the permission to me to make 'Burnout' available for free download in the Amiga Arena.

In Burnout you have to try to defeat the enemies in the arenas with your car.

Special thanks go to: Juergen Beck from 'Back to the Roots', who made the disk version available to me.

Further information in the section Full versions in the Amiga Arena. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Richard Kapp on ANF

GFX Lists Reworked
The lists of games and demos supporting GFX cards has been largely reworked. The games entries are now subdivide to categories of name, genre, and - if possible - size, download link, and URL. The demo entries now give also information whether the demo runs on 68k, PPC or on both CPU's. Additionally the list has grown strong because of the help of the Amiga users. Richard would be happy, if still more entries would be contributed to the CPU list. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Mark Reestman on ANF

ASM-Pro v1.16h + Source Code
On 4. February 2001 Mark Reestman has released the version v1.16h of the assembler 'Asm-Pro' inclusive the source code. The bugfixes and enhancements can be taken from the history.

(unk) (Translation: (unk)

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amigagames on ANF Extended has been extended with more than 100 new AmigaOS V3.5 icons for Amiga games. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Olaf Köbnik via eMail

Amiga Arena News
Olaf Koebnik wrote:

Amiga Arena - offline
During the last days I couldn't dial up my provider so no updates were possible. I hope that all runs as usual now .

Amiga Arena - redesign
The link collection in the Amiga Arena has been restructured and in the future there'll be more ratings and info to be found.

Amiga Arena - UAC full versions
The strategy game "Belagerung", for two players, is available for free download as is a tools collection.
  • WorkbenchPictureSwitcher - changes the background picture after every boot.
  • Transformer - for converting of binary, hexadecimal and decimal.
  • SaverSave - protection against memory and delete access on files.
  • Jingle Machine - managing and playing of jingles.

These are programs had been published in 1995 as shareware and are freeware now.

Amiga Arena - announcement
I hope to be able to offer special discount actions soon again. For the time being I have the promise of two further developers of actual shareware.

I hope you continue to make use of this possibility to register shareware software for a special low price. The special discount actions are no matter of course and I hope to be able to still offer such in the future.

Amiga Arena full version
Talks about further full versions are in progress. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Thomas Eichler (E.T.)

Programmers Wanted
Thomas Eichler (E.T.) wrote:
First, greetings to the community!
This way, I'm looking for 2-3 experienced C/C++ programmers on Amiga for our team. We want to produce a realtime strategy game, for now exclusively for Amiga (PPC and AmigaDE).

Conversions for Playstation 2, Dreamcast and Nintendo are planned (depending on getting a licence of the respective producer).

Interested people may apply here via email.

A small description of existing programming experience would be advantageous. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Czech Amiga News

Rumors about AmigaZone are Not the Truth
Harv Laser wrote, he was adviced to rumors from unknwon sources saying that his online service "AmigaZone" would vanish. He puts theses rumors an end and declares that AmigaZone will not disappear. AmigaZone, he wrote, is quite healthy, works and serves its members, as it has been doing since 1985. Supplement 02-04-2001:
Further information on this topic have been released on ANN (Christian Kemp). (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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V³ 3.3.75beta Released
There has been a new beta version 3.3.75 released for the version3 of the Amiga browser "Voyager".

Information about this new beta are contained in the release note. Among other things it is pointed out that the versions of the image decoders of this new version are not downward compatible with older versions.

Download: v_33_beta75.lzx (945K) (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Stephan Rupprecht

On Stephan Rupprecht's homepage there is a new version of his program 'Image2icon' available for download, with which you can create thumbnail-icons from pictures.

Download: Image2Icon.lha - 52 kB (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Sven Droege on ANF

Bonds V1.80 Available
The complete release of the current version of the stock exchange software is available on the homepage and at Aminet from now on. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Other Companies copy Amiga's and TAO's Ideas
Hendrik Mikael Kristensen worte on ANN that on the pages of the Danish news service his attention was called to the fact that possibly other companies are desirous of copying Amiga's idea of the "write once - run everywhere" philosophy, thus pushing Amiga out of the market even before they get in there.

The article is talking about QualComm trying to create a standard operating system called BREW[TM], Binary Runtime Environment, to be used on cell phones. If you take away Wireless you (almost) have what TAO Group is doing.

Due to QualComm's particulars this works with every device equipped with their DMA chipsets. BREW[TM] sits between the chip system software and the application allowing programmers to let their applications access the cell phone's functionality without having the chip system source code or a relationship with a handset manufacturer.

QualComm want to electronically certify all BREW[TM] programs before they can run on consumer products and ask a fee from every of those spreading such programs (cell phone companies). Hendrik thinks this might be indicating how important this technology will be for the future.
Read the complete article under the title link. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Alfred Sturm

New Aminet uploads
TBol2DEMO.lha        biz/demo    94K+V2.3.0 Material receipt program,(BOLLE M
YahooGpScan1_1.lha   comm/mail    5K+Strips YahooGroup adverts.         V1.1
nc_update_beta.lha   comm/news  182K+NewsCoaster FULL VERSION, but beta (v1.3
WOC.lha              demo/file  413K+World of Commodore (preview)
MWI-Overview04.lha   demo/slide 2.5M+OVERVIEW #04 - party slideshow by Madwiz
MWI-Overview05.lha   demo/slide 2.9M+OVERVIEW #05 - party slideshow by Madwiz
up-ep005.lha         demo/sound 909K+UP ROUGH "Lowtech EP" feat. Qwan
up-ep006.lha         demo/sound 1.2M+UP ROUGH "Technical Knockout EP" feat. E
AmiReadMeGen.lha     dev/misc   281K+A GUI for Generating Aminet ReadMe files
RoboDocBuilder.lha   dev/misc   213K+A GUI for the robodoc program.
HowToReAction.lha    dev/src     15K+ReAction GUI with ReActor 
TimedSerial.lha      dev/src     14K+Serial I/O functions that time-out. Sour
NotizieAmiga.lha     docs/hyper 646K+ITALIAN ONLY comunicati NotizieAmiga 01/
cd32outside3.lha     docs/mags  679K+CD32 Outside No.3 - German CD32 magazine
mc0301.lha           docs/mags  251K+German Metal Mag in HTML - March 2001 Is
up-herth.lha         docs/misc  240K+Up Rough "The Hermano Theory" ascii by S
JP_Spider_1.2.lha    game/board 173K+Solitaire Card Game, V1.20
A_Sweeper_NI4D.lha   game/think  13K+Graphic set for A_Sweeper V1.05+ (NI4)
FlashMandelPPC.lha   gfx/fract   50K+The best fractal rendering program for A
GVPIOPrefsFix.lha    hard/drivr  11K+Fixes GVPSerial prefs for higher screen 
SSOpticalPatch.lha   misc/emu     3K+ShapeShifter patch for optical drives
SpaTra04.lha         misc/misc  116K+Spanish Translations Pack 04 v0.7
up-crstl.lha         mods/chip    3K+UP ROUGH "THX.crystal_cracktro" by Skope
np_chemg.lha         mods/misc  919K+Noyz Phaktah '002 - Chemical Graveyard b
rno-r055.lha         mods/misc  204K+Rno-records release no.55 by Lcr/Reason 
andimeanit.mpg       mods/mpg   9.0M+Minimal/exp/ambient composition for elec
wormhole.lha         mods/techn 237K+Acid-Techno (OMSS) by Mippydi
id3taglibgui.lha     mus/edit    49K+MPEG Audio ID3Tag (V1.x and V2.x) Editor
Base64.lha           mus/misc    43K+Hot!! AmigaAmp 64Colored Original Base S
Base64Skin.lha       mus/misc    43K+Hot!! AmigaAmp 64Colored Original Base S
Normalize.lha        mus/misc   325K+Adjust volume of WAV files, v0.4
Skin64.lha           mus/misc    43K+Hot!! AmigaAmp 64Colored Original Base S
bluerobe.lha         mus/play    65K+Blue Robe for Prayer 2.x (fixed version)
sg-strip_4.lha       pix/misc    47K+[ancor] strip 4 of StarGround
sg-strip_5.lha       pix/misc    42K+[ancor] strip 5 of StarGround
stipe.mpg            pix/mpg     16K+Mpeg anima               250x100x60
WtchngSnsets.lha     pix/wfm    169K+Watching Sunsets; Artwork&Literature
unpacker.lha         util/arc    21K+GUI for CLI based unpackers (LHA...)
BlazeWCP.lha         util/boot   31K+ULTRA FAST 32bit C2P patch for OS chunky
ToolsDaemon22.lha    util/boot    5K+Patches for ToolsDaemon to work with OS 
MMULib.lha           util/libs  579K+Library to ctrl the MC68K MMUs
MuMin.lha            util/libs   53K+Minimal MuLib archive for redistribution
zlib-library.lha     util/libs   83K+Shared library for zlib-(de)compression 
ReportPlus.lha       util/misc  299K+Report+ 4.23: Multipurpose utility
SuperToto_New.lha    util/misc  298K+Program TotoGol & TotoCalcio (only italy
68040Lib.lha         util/sys   290K+A MuLib aware 68040.library, 68030.libra
Safe.lha             util/virus  20K+Safe v14.8 - virus dicovering system
lastguru.lha         util/wb     39K+Show requester with last logged guru mes
VisualPrefs_DE.lha   util/wb     59K+German catalog and guide forVisualPrefs
(unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Software News
DirOpus 4.15g (beta) is available for download on Jacek Rzeuskis' DirOpus support site. Download: DOpus4beta.lzx - 320 kB

At J.F. Fabre's homepage you'll find version 4.5c of his HD installer program 'JST', which makes many disk games startable from harddisk. Download: jst.lha

Thomas Wenzel has updated his AmigaAMP FAQ.

Microcode Solutions announces once more the completion of iFusion. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Stefan Ossowski via eMail

Aminet 41 CD-ROM Available
Since today, the new Aminet CD-ROM 41 is available from dealers. The Aminet CD 41 - February 2001 - contains more than 800 MB (uncompressed) of software in almost a thousand archives. Since Aminet CD 40, numerous MB of news have been added. As a special highlight, the Aminet 41 contains the full version of the beat'em up game Capital Punishment. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Jens Larsson via eMail

Unmoderated News at
This morning we activated the first test of our unmoderated news posting! This means ANYONE can post news directly to Boingworld for immediate display on the main page! The usual top left icon of the newsitem will though be an "Unmoderated Icon" and the news item will only be visible for the people that have chosen to activate this in their prefs. We (the editors) will of course delete or moderate the postings asap. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Christoph Dietz

Interview with Patrick Roberts
Christoph Dietz has done an interview with the programmer of 'zAMilo', the HTTP server which runs on

Amiga-News: Hello Patrick, can you describe yourself?

Patrick Roberts: Age: 32, Born: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Profession: Digital Effects Supervisor. I'm currently freelance and start a film for Dreamworks in a few weeks.

Amiga-News: What is your background whith Amiga?

Patrick Roberts: I started in 1987 with a dorm-mate's A1000, then got my own A500 shortly after. As next came an A3000, and now the AmigaDE. Before Amiga, I had a C=64, Vic-20, and used to program on a PET at a local library.

Amiga-News: I can't find a program from you on Aminet. Don't you released programs for the "classic" Amiga?

Patrick Roberts: The only programs I released for the Classic were some Playstation utilities - but did so anonymously to avoid any problems with Sony. (wotizpsx, tmd2lwo, and psximgtls)

Amiga-News: When and why did you start development for AmigaDE?

Patrick Roberts: I think it was last August. Right after the SDK 1.0 was released for Linux.

Amiga-News: We can see one of your products running on It's the webserver. Did you use an existing webserver to port to AmigaDE or is this a complete new httpd?

Patrick Roberts: "zAMilo" was written from scratch, but was inspired by a micro-http server released by Ericsson for their mobile phones. I wanted to create a very small HTTP server for the AmigaDE that could be used for configuring an embedded system with a web browser. I'd like to someday use a browser on my PC to serve my VCR, tell my coffee maker when to have a cup ready for me in the morning, etc...

Amiga-News: What does "zAMIlo" stand for?

Patrick Roberts: The Ericsson server is called 'zilo', so for proper respects I kept their name and added in the standard Amiga "AM".

Amiga-News: What is the roadmap for this product?

Patrick Roberts: As I get time I want to add basic CGI and SSI support. I'm not sure beyond that.

Amiga-News: Is this your only project for AmigaDE?

Patrick Roberts: No ;P And that's one of my problems... not enough time for all of them :) Here's a list of my projects that are available from the FTP archive:
  • Artix Nettext (toollib)
  • Artix Systools (toollib)
  • Etick (Graphical Ticker app)
  • zAMilo (web server)
  • forecast (world-wide weather reports)
  • AmiFlag (Minesweeper type game)
  • cnvtools (convert image and audio formats)
  • Elate-Winease (GUI management C header library)
  • memmon (Machine-languge monitor)
Here's what's in the works:
  • Artix Gfxtools (toollib)
  • vIcons (Vector based icon toollib)
  • madplay (port of MP3 player)
Amiga-News: What do you miss most in the AmigaSDK?

Patrick Roberts: Hmmm...hard question to answer since I know it will eventually exist, but:
Hardware 3D graphics support
Good text editor like nedit

Amiga-News: Are you using the AmigaSDK for Linux or Windows?

Patrick Roberts: I have both versions for testing, but I mainly use the Linux SDK.

Amiga-News: Do you think that OS4.0 for the classic Amiga's is needed?

Patrick Roberts: I don't have a classic any more (I own one, but have loaned it to a friend). I'm mainly looking forward to AmigaDE commercial release, but it would be nice if Amiga would continue to support all the classic users.

Amiga-News: You know about the amiga community. How do you think about it?

Patrick Roberts: I'm always amazed with the knowledge level of the Amiga community. I really happy to be a part of a community with so many geniuses that I can learn from.

Amiga-News: Your "last words" to our readers?

Patrick Roberts: All of us can make it happen! (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Fun Time World

Fore-Matt: New Amiga Magazine on CD-ROM
The English software dealer 'Fore-Matt' has published a new Amiga magazine. It will be distributed on CD-ROM under the name '100% Amiga'. The CD-ROM will feature an own user interface to guide the reader through the magazine. The magazine will be published monthly. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

[News message: 02. Feb. 2001, 12:00] [Comments: 0]
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Oliver Roberts

WarpPNG.datatype version 44.11 Released
Oliver Roberts' WarpPNG.datatype version 44.11 has been released on the 1st of February. The PNG picture datatype (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS) is freeware.

Download: WarpPNGdt.lha - 133 kB (unk) (Translation: (unk)

[News message: 02. Feb. 2001, 11:34] [Comments: 0]
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Gary Peake via eMail

Amiga is Looking For Developers for PDA Applications
Gary Peake wrote:


Several weeks ago, I promised you some exciting announcements. As the first of those, I would like to introduce Matt Fontenot, Amiga's Product Manager.

Matt has been with us from the beginning and while you may not have met him yet, he has been working closely with many of our third party partners and has been busy creating many new products, as you will soon see.

Now for the announcement:

There is tremendous potential for distribution of your applications, games and other content for one of the world's largest manufacturers of PDA hardware. The projection is for more than 7 million units to be sold by the end of 2001 and there are already several million units on the market at this time. There will be specific requirements as far as style, type of applications, distribution rights and certification of content. Matt will have more details on this in the near future.

If you are interested in developing PDA applications and games for a specific manufacturer who will use Amiga Inc. for content delivery, please contact Matt as soon as possible. This is a serious project for those with an interest in providing content and we will open a new mailing list for it - the particulars will be announced in a few days.

This project is for both open source and commercial content providers, so no matter what your choice of development is, you are cordially invited to apply. To get further details, though, you must have a signed NDA on file with Amiga. You can get an NDA form from under the legal menu, right hand menu bar.

Just fill it out and fax it to my attention at 425-396-5671. Then send an e-mail to that says "I am interested." You can also contact Gary at or Matt at

Gary Peake
Matt Fontenot

Amiga, Inc. asks you not to send the above mentioned e-mail to, but to add your e-mail address at the bottom of this original message and then to send it in using the "I am interested!" button. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Thomas Wolf on ANF

New AmigaLinkPage Goes into Test Stage goes into test stage. is a link page sorted by topics. Every Amiga homepage, no matter whether private or commercial, can be listed for free.

The aim is to become one of the most comprehensive link pages for the Amiga. Please be patient if your page is listed some days after you submited it as all pages are verified. Thomas Wolf will appreciate your help. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

[News message: 02. Feb. 2001, 00:22] [Comments: 0]
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Harry 'Piru' Sintonen

New Exec V44.1 Public Beta2 and New MapROM
Harry ´Piru´ Sintonen has made version 44.1 beta2 of Exec available for download as a public beta on his webpage. It is a non-official Exec version which is according to the author more optimized and faster than the official version. Use at your own risk.

Also, Piru has released version 1.24beta6 of his MapROM tool ´BlizKick´ for phase5/DCE processor boards.

exec44_1_beta2.lha - 56 kB
BlizKick.lha - 247 kB (unk) (Translation: (unk)

[News message: 02. Feb. 2001, 00:15] [Comments: 0]
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