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UGN stellt User Group Startup Dokumente vor
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UGN Announces User Group Startup Documents

Wayne Hunt, UGN Executive Director (
Robert Hamilton, UGN North American Director (
Fabian Jimenez, UGN Public Relations (

The User Group Network (UGN) is pleased to announce the availability of the User Group Startup Documents. This kit provides a valuable resource to those individuals wishing to start an Amiga related user group in their area. It can also provide useful information to existing user groups interested in making their group better.

The User Group Start Up Kit is a compilation of materials assembled by the UGN's own Robert Hamilton (Lostman). Robert has searched high and low to include information on the following topics: starting up, legal issues, club services, user meetings, user needs, and working with other groups or companies. Also available is the User Group Startup Guide from Inprise Inc. (formally BorderBund).

If you want more information, please take your web browser and go to The UGN Web Page can be found at Together the User Group Startup Kit and the UGN can provide you all you need to have a successful Amiga User Group.

The User Group Network is an organization dedicated to the advancement of the Amiga computing platform and the fostering of Amiga oriented User Groups worldwide. The UGN will work co-operatively with the owners, licensees, user groups, and the users to establish and expand a customer support base for licensed Amiga computer products. The UGN will endeavor to provide a single, centralized resource for the promotion and assistance of User Groups and users world-wide.

The UGN Web Page is located at (ps)

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