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31.Mai 1999
Aminet [New Uploads]

Aminet Uploads vom 31.05.1999
Hingis.lha           biz/dbase  148K+Martina Hingis tennis singles matches in
StarBase.lha         biz/dbase  182K+Star Trek Episodes Database (v3.0-v1.2)
VowaData.lha         biz/dbase   98K+New Datafile (V1.27) for VorwahlenGui
golded6.lha          biz/demo   2.3M+GoldED Studio 6 Demo
ExtremeDemo.lha      biz/dkg    254K+DTV Realtime Effects Generator v1.50 (DE
IfxDopus.lha         biz/dopus    1K+Loads multiple files from DirOpus5 into 
FAQs-deutsch.lha     biz/haage   54K+FAQs, german version, 28 May 1999
FAQs-english.lha     biz/haage   51K+FAQs, english version, 28 May 1999
Wildfire7_Upd.lha    biz/patch  2.5M+Wildfire7\PPC Major Update  (Rel. 7.15a)
FreedomC1.12.lha     comm/net   416K+Internet's Connections Manager V1.12 (no
newscoaster.lha      comm/news   51K+Offline Newsreader (BETA release)
facts.lha            comm/tcp    50K+V2.7/GUI - NTP clock syncroniser/AutoDST
GetClient13.lha      comm/tcp    14K+FTP Get client (FTP files from a shell p
GetIt.lha            comm/tcp    97K+GetIt 4.5 downloads files from http serv
hserv.lha            comm/tcp   155K+Hserv ARexx web server with resume
LSClient10.lha       comm/tcp    13K+FTP LS client (list site files from shel
PutClient10.lha      comm/tcp    12K+FTP put client (shell exe to send files 
rxsocket.lha         comm/tcp   116K+Rxsocket.library - Fixes last one
SimpleFTP.lha        comm/tcp    52K+SimpleFTP - New and easy to use FTP clie
Aweb2Clip.lha        comm/www     7K+GrabUrlToClipboardAsIbrowseWithAWeb V3.x
Lynx282pre8.lha      comm/www   898K+Cool WEB Browser (HTTP,FTP,NEWS...)
WebDesign.lha        comm/www   333K+Html editor with external editor support
WebDesignNoLib.lha   comm/www   218K+Html editor with external editor support
WEBup.lha            comm/www    43K+Tool to easily upload homepages!
advert.lha           demo/aga   1.1M+Advert Idea For Amiga NG
iq2knerve.lha        demo/aga   523K+A quite nice AGA demo from the forgotten
free.lha             demo/sound 381K+Free   by   ZUGRIFF
Misery.lha           demo/sound 1.0M+Music Disk from VORTEX
Rampage.lha          demo/track 753K+Rampage by TEK
Preass145.lha        dev/asm     38K+Update for Preass 1.45 EXE-only : Precom
amiga-c-apr99.lha    dev/c       68K+Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in Apri
NSM074_E.lha         dev/e       36K+The E development package for the NSM - 
OBEdit_src.lha       dev/e        5K+Source code for OBEdit - UFO/X-COM weapo
byacc.lha            dev/misc    91K+Version of Berkley Yacc which can compil
MCC_VLab.lha         dev/mui     43K+Monitor & Grab images using VLab 13.0
fbackng.lha          disk/bakup  30K+FBackNG - Daily backup/mirror program.
ADFlib.lha           disk/misc  205K+A GPL C lib to manage .ADF files. v0.7.8
ADFLibPPC.lha        disk/misc  239K+ADFLib and UnADF Amiga binaries (PPC)
ziptools.lha         disk/misc   34K+GUI control for ZIP drive and CD-ROM.
agpg.lha             docs/hyper 171K+Amiga Games Patches Guide
agpg_txt.lha         docs/hyper 499K+Amiga Games Patches Guide -AddOn Textes
ClassesGuide.lha     docs/lists  86K+A Guide of Amiga custom BOOPSI classes. 
Nintendo01_06.lha    docs/mags  184K+German NINTENDO  Magazin  01.06.1999
ADFfaq.lha           docs/misc   63K+The Amiga filesystem explained. v1.07
eurochamp.lha        docs/misc   24K+Statistics of soccer Euro Champs '60-'96
Manos.txt            docs/misc    1K+How to contact Manos S. Pappas of Infini
WorldCup.lha         docs/misc  110K+Statistics of soccer World Cups '30-'98
freeciv.lha          game/2play 707K+Version 1.8.0 of Freeciv for Amiga
SpaceCrusadeGD.lha   game/hint   47K+Space Crusade complete Guide
OBEdit.lha           game/misc   15K+UFO/X-COM weapons editor
jst.lha              game/patch 163K+JOTD Startup for HD Installs & Degrader 
poolhd.lha           game/patch  25K+HD Installer for Arcade Pool V2.0
AE.lha               game/shoot 217K+Old but funny alien hunt
Crazy8.Deutsch.lha   game/think   4K+Updated Deutsch locale for Crazy8's
Crazy8.Spanish.lha   game/think   6K+Spanish translation for Crazy8's
FXForgeFilters.lha   gfx/ifx    424K+1244 FXForge Filters with readable names
PhotoFolio093.lha    gfx/show   214K+V0.93 View/Store/Catalog images
Show040.lha          gfx/show   381K+Cybergfx only picture viewer (040) V2.3
ShowPPC.lha          gfx/show   375K+Cybergfx only picture viewer (PPC) V2.3
cddamixer.lha        hard/hack   15K+HTML guide for making a CDDA Mixer/ampli
PSX-MCTool.lha       hard/hack   82K+Use Playstation Memcard with Amiga (v0.0
SSOpticalPatch.lha   misc/emu     3K+ShapeShifter patch for optical drives
imdbDiff990514.lha   misc/imdb  1.0M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
ay-colly8.lha        mods/chip   58K+Collection of the best AY musics for DT.
EnoughIsTooMuc.lha   mods/misc  182K+DBM Techno by Mr.Lou / Dewfall Productio
NewMidiTools.lha     mus/midi    24K+B&P MIDI In and Out tools
Lamer.lha            mus/misc   294K+Great MP3 encoder, v3.0 -PPC-
MP3TEDv24.lha        mus/misc   157K+MP3-TagEditor v2.4 - (Free Keyfile)
WF7_MVS-Edge.mpg     pix/anim   505K+Wildfire 7 - MVS Exam. - Edge Detect Ani
WF7_MVS-Line1.mpg    pix/anim   506K+Wildfire 7 - MVS Exam. - Line Rain 1 Ani
WF7_MVS-Line2.mpg    pix/anim   506K+Wildfire 7 - MVS Exam. - Line Rain 2 Ani
WF7_MVS-Magn1.mpg    pix/anim   506K+Wildfire 7 - MVS Example - Magnet 1 Anim
WF7_MVS-Magn2.mpg    pix/anim   506K+Wildfire 7 - MVS Example - Magnet 2 Anim
WF7_MVS-Oil1.mpg     pix/anim   506K+Wildfire 7 - MVS Example - Oil 1 Anim 
WF7_MVS-Oil2.mpg     pix/anim   506K+Wildfire 7 - MVS Example - Oil 2 Anim 
Caleidos1.jpg        pix/art     65K+"Caleidos 1" created by Dr.Ferkel
Caleidos2.jpg        pix/art     32K+"Caleidos 2" created by Dr.Ferkel
AF-AmigaPower.jpg    pix/back   232K+Cool marble backdrop with glowing "Amiga
bamicons.lha         pix/icon   418K+Very nice 32-color newicons set
NGAd.lha             pix/illu   207K+A BRILLIANT Amiga NG pix from Indonesia!
LostGeneration.jpg   pix/mark   365K+Enterprise B and C meet in deep space
NI_spc10.lha         pix/nicon  378K+AlotOfNewIcons for SPACE CRUSADE +GlowIc
PalmAmiga.jpg        pix/trace   32K+Maybe the new PalmAmiga? Who knows ;-)
prtman39.lha         text/print 151K+Printmanager for AmigaOS3 (39.25)
060pupboot.lha       util/boot   42K+CybergraphX-Bootpic for 060-PowerUp
PrlMixer20.lha       util/cdity  18K+GadTools audio mixer for Prelude
move37.lha           util/cli     7K+A fast move command (37.4)
RC4.lha              util/crypt   1K+RC4 RSA En/Decrypter
akJFIF-dt.lha        util/dtype 316K+AkJFIF-dt V44.36 (JPEG, 68000-060, PPC/W
akPNG-dt.lha         util/dtype 347K+AkPNG-dt V44.36 (PNG, 68000-060, PPC/WOS
akTIFF-dt.lha        util/dtype 392K+AkTIFF-dt V44.36 (TIFF, 68000-060, PPC/W
yaJFIFdt.lha         util/dtype  18K+Yet another jfif.datatype (43.1001)
CAR.lha              util/misc   12K+MUI The BEST Aminet ReadMe Creator!
rmh.lha              util/rexx   42K+Rmh.library 5.2 - Rexx Must Have functio
AddBuffers.lha       util/sys     5K+Replaces original AddBuffers command (38
ABeat.lha            util/time    5K+Simple Swatch-Beat clock.
WB-Tidy.lha          util/wb     33K+Tidy up your Workbench windows

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