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Amiga Update Newsletter von Brad Webb #991231
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Editor's Thoughts and Introduction:
 Happy New Year everyone! Some of you will see this on the last day of
1999, some on the first of 2000 - either way, you have another reason
to celebrate today! We've been waiting and practically twitching to
get this information to you.
 We still don't have a press release directly from Amino, but as the
following information is now available generally on the wire, we owe
it to our readers to get it to you as quickly as possible. If we do
get a press release from Amino/Amiga we'll also get that to you right
 Looks to us like both Gateway and the Amiga Community win with this
 Big smiles around here today!

 Brad Webb,

            A M I G A   S O L D   T O   A M I N O ! !

Amino Development Buys Amiga Name, Inventory From Gateway

 SAN DIEGO, Dec. 31 -- Amino Development Corp., a privately held
company based in Maple Valley, Washington, has purchased from Gateway
its Amiga trademarks and Amiga computer systems. Terms of the
transaction have not been disclosed.

 According to Peter Ashkin, Gateway senior vice president, Gateway
chose to sell the name after deciding to fold Amiga's software
engineering function into Gateway's product development. This merger
of development activities is part of Gateway's overall strategy to
develop and market the coming generation of "Internet appliances".

 "Amiga, as a personal computer brand, has a loyal following of fans
around the world," Ashkin said. "Under Gateway's wing, Amiga morphed
into a software development company working on a new Internet
appliance operating environment software. Now that we're bringing that
development work into Gateway product development, it made sense to
find a buyer for Amiga."

 "Yee-haw " said Bill McEwen, president and CEO of Amino. "This is a
very exciting day, and now an even more exciting tomorrow. Now we can
finish the job that was started 15 years ago."

 The transaction, effective immediately, includes the transfer of all
Internet domain names related to Amiga which Gateway had held. Gateway
retains ownership of all patents acquired when it bought Amiga in
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