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Jon Peterson Bildbericht von der Amiga2K
Jon Peterson hat exclusiv für seine Eindrücke in Bildern festgehalten:


1) AmigaActive magazine. Group from UK with outstanding publication. Comes with cover CD each month. This month features the full version of Scala 1.2. Very well done publication for the Amiga. Representing the company were Mark Hinton.


2) Amiga concept design for a tower config. This model shown at the banquet.

3) Another concept design for a desktop model. Just throwing out some ideas..

4) Some of the BoXeR cases being displayed at the show. BoXeR received some very good "promises" of support from AI at the show. Let's hope to see it out...........soon!

5) CompuQuick booth at the show. The largest booth with hundreds and hundreds of CDs as well as just about anything you are looking for in Amiga hardware. Give them a call.

6) Bill McEwen makes the opening speech at the Developer's Conference.

7) Fleecy Moss takes the microphone for the full commitment to a crowded developer's room.


8) Individual Computers from Aachen, Germany that produces the Buddha products represented by Jens Schönfeld and Sarah Wittermann with the SoftwareHut folks. Some outstanding hardware products made available for the Amiga. Take a look at their ethernet boards with IDE controller(s) onboard. Amazing!


9) Jürgen Haage and Markus Pöllmann preparing for demonstrations of wares from Haage & Partner. StormC, AmigaWriter, and ArtEffect v4.0.


10) Hyperion gaming wares.


11) Kermit Woodall of NovaDesigns gives an outstanding demonstration of the ImageFX v4 capabilities.


12) Holger Kruse of Nordic Global giving lessons and demonstrations of Miami Deluxe. The first non-beta version will be available this week.


13) Holger Kruse and Jeff Kreis of Rebol demonstrating some scripts.

Mr. Hardware

14) Mr. Hardware - another great booth exhibiting at the show. Most of the software for Amiga was available.


15) Nova Designs owner Kermit Woodall and Corianna Cohn representing the company. Demos for both ImageFX and Aladdin were run during the show.


16) Petro Tyschtschenko awards a crystal plaque to A2K show organizer Bob Scharp at the opening ceremonies.

day setup

17) Opening day setup for the show. Crowds made it a traffic jam.


18) Petro Tyschtschenko and Jürgen Haage in discussions prior to opening ceremonies.


19) Paul Nolan of PhotoGenics with his lovely wife Ela demonstrating v4.5 of the program. PhotoGenics was very well received and Paul sold out for the show.

Markus Pöllmann

20) Markus Pöllmann of Haage & Partner giving a demonstration of StormC compiler during the show.

BS and BMcE

21) Bob Scharp and Bill McEwen make opening day presentation during the show.


22) Deron Kazmeier of Soft Logik showing off the latest version of the program for the big three OSs. Version 4.5 available shortly. Deron received the AAA award for outstanding Amiga software at the show.

One more thing I just remembered. I was talking to Paul Brestyanszky of AntiGravity at his booth in A2K show. They have purchased the Boxer board and technology effective now. He also received a very good promise of support from Bill McEwen during the show. He mentioned that he had made some good connections during the show to locate hardware for completion of the board which will enable them to (hopefully) get it completed quickly (this year?). (ps)

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