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Amiga Aktuell

AMIGA-Präsident Bill McEwen beantwortet Fragen der Community (Executive Update)
+++ AMIGA-aktuell-Special +++
Nachdem in Teilen der Amiga-Gemeinde Verwirrung bezüglich der Implementierung von Memory Protection in das AmigaNG-Betriebssystem, der Berücksichtigung des Desktop-Marktes sowie der Software-Lizensierung herrscht, hat sich heute AMIGA-Präsident Bill McEwen zu diesen Punkten zu Wort gemeldet. Eine deutsche Übersetzung wird in der nächsten Ausgabe von AMIGA aktuell enthalten sein.

Nachtrag 21.07.2000:
Bill McEwen bezieht sich in seinem Statement auf eine Diskussion im MooBunny-Forum. Interessant ist in diesem Zusammenhang auch der Artikel von Squid vom 19.07.2000: Natural science.

Bill McEwen's statement:

In Response to Community Concerns Posted on MooBunny

We are very excited at the response that we have received in the first few weeks of the Amiga SDK version 1 going out into the world. We have received lots of feedback, mostly good, some not so good, and three particular points have come up that we would like to address before they become common untruths.

Firstly, it is true that the Amiga Foundation Layer which ships on the SDK does not have memory protection. However, this does not mean that Ami™, the next generation Amiga Digital Environment will not have memory protection. A comment made in an article in the last AmigaWorld seems to have been interpreted in such a way as to suggest that this is the case when in fact the point being made was that Amiga is looking at many solutions for providing robustness and security. Ami™ will provide a robust, secure environment and we will use the most elegant and effective means to achieve this.

Secondly, the End User Licence Agreement that made it into the SDK is in error as a result of a legal misinterpretation. There is NO ROYALTY to be paid for any application either created with the SDK or which will run on Ami™. Amiga will be creating a scheme in which third parties can pay a royalty to Amiga in exchange for official Amiga certification, branding and promotion. This provides a revenue stream to Amiga and a value add for the third party. This scheme is entirely voluntary.

The third point has been drawn as a conclusion from the first two, namely that Amiga is abandoning the desktop market. Nothing could be further from the truth. The announced AmigaOne will feature processor options ranging from 600 Mhz to 1 Ghz, with other, even more powerful devices already on the drawing board. The conclusion to be drawn from this is either that Amiga is very committed to the desktop market or that we are going to build one mother of a cellphone.

We are committed to making the Amiga THE best computer system in the world. Yes we are also going to go into other markets, but that does not mean we are abandoning the desktop, the Amiga philosophy or the loyal Amigans who have stood by the platform through the good and the bad.

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Thank you,
The Amiga Team

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Amiga Inc.
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