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WinUAE Homepage (ANF)

Emulator: WinUAE Version 0.8.16R3 erschienen
WinUAE, der Amiga-Emulator für Win95, Win98, WinME, Win2K und WinXP, ist in Version 0.8.16 Release 3 mit neuer rtg.library erschienen. Folgende Änderungen wurden vorgenommen:

  1. FIXED: GUI DLL loader is no longer fixated on Deutsch.
  2. FIXED: Selecting 68000 CPU from a JIT config doesn't result in error message.
  3. ADDED: Sprite-collisions can be enabled/disabled during emulation, not just at startup.
  4. ADDED: Patched rtg.library added to package, which should fix the mouse trails. (Thanks to Tobias Abt and Alexander Kneer of P96, and Bernd Roesch). This file (rtg.library) will end up in the "Amiga Programs/" directory under the "WinUAE/" directory where you install to.
  5. ADDED: German keymap (UAE_German)
  6. ADDED: uaediskchange utility
  7. ADDED: French and German DLLs updated, Italian DLL added. (Thanks Georg V, FagEmul, and Daniele G)
  8. CHANGED: Tweaked the sound code again, memory-leak should be gone, performance should be better - expect a speed decrease when using JIT and sound.
  9. CHANGED: Graphics glitches caused by NOVSYNC flipping should be gone in full- screen mode.
  10. REMOVED: Turkish DLL, as it was out-of-date
Download: WinUAE0816R3.exe (ps)

[Meldung: 29. Mai. 2001, 10:26] [Kommentare: 31 - 30. Mai. 2001, 20:37]
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