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Frederic Boisdron (E-Mail)

Event: Invitation to SIIA 2002 in France
Hello from France,

The 2002 autumn will be the birth of the great SIIA (International Alternative Computer Exposition in French) in the little town of Sainte Marie de Redon (South of Britanny) near Nantes and Rennes. This expo would like to be THE best expo in the world of alternative computing!

All the formats will be represented : AmigaOS, TOS, RiscOS, Linux, BeOS, QNX, BSD, CPC and many, many more...

This expo will be implemented on one weekend in November 2002. Some hotels services will be available near Sainte Marie with good prices. You can go to the expo by car, train, boat (on the Vilaine river) and by plane (tourism plane).

The cost to be represented at the expo with a stand will be very cheap (maybe free).

This mail is done to invite you to join us to the party !

You can have some information with :

Mail: or

+33 299 720 663 (after 5:00 PM)
+33 677 358 726 (portable)

Or by snail mail:
La Belle Etoile

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