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Bernie Meyer kündigt Amithlon 2.0 für 1. Juli 2002 an (Update)
Unter dem Titellink kündigt Bernie Meyer für den 1. Juli 2002 Version 2.0 von Amithlon an. Es wird sich um eine frei downloadbare Demo-Version handeln, die man über einen personalisierten Keyfile zur Vollversion machen kann. Ein Preis wird nicht angegeben.

Hier der Originaltext:
Coming to this place on (or around :) July 1st:
A freely downloadable and distributable DEMO version of Amithlon 2.0, which can be unlocked to full functionality via a personalized keyfile.

Please be patient for just a little while longer....
Monday 24 June 2002 04:30:43 © Bernd Meyer

Im Forum von Moobunny ist dazu folgende ausführliche Ankündigung zu finden:
Amiga, Inc. and Bernd Meyer announce licensing of Amithlon 2.0.

June 23, 2002 - Snoqualmie, WA and Melbourne, Australia - Amiga, Inc. today announced the cross licensing of Amithlon 2.0. The agreement was made with the author and the inspiration behind Amithlon, Bernd "Bernie" Meyer.

As part of the agreement, Amiga will license Kickstart 3.1 and portions of Amiga OS 3.9 to be distributed as part of Amithlon 2.0. In turn, Amiga will actively promote and license Amithlon 2.0 to OEM customers looking for an Amiga emulator on x86 platforms.

Bill McEwen, Amiga President and CEO, said, "Bernie has been a good friend and partner to Amiga. I first demonstrated a beta version of Amithlon almost a year ago at the Sacramento show. Even then the quality of the product and its potential were obvious to me. Since then it has become a more polished, a clear reflection of the passion and skills that Bernie brings to the table."

I have also been impressed by the moral and ethical integrity that Bernie has displayed as he has partnered with Amiga. Too often in the past we have had to deal with companies who would like nothing better than to split the Amiga community. Bernie has always had the best interests of the community at heart and has created a product that we can all be truly proud of.?

"It is with great pleasure that I finally enter into a deal directly with Amiga", said Bernie Meyer. "This new version, to be distributed with Amiga's seal of approval, provides customers with a clear indication that Amithlon is an actively developed product with great prospects. This partnership will allow users of Classic AmigaOS to use their applications on modern, affordable hardware."

A demo version of Amithlon 2.0 will be available shortly which can be downloaded free of charge from the distribution site at The demo version may be upgraded to a fully functional version with a simple keyfile, which can be purchased online.

About Amithlon 2.0
The goal of the Amithlon project was to make AmigaOS 3.9 run on commodity PC hardware. Unlike other approaches to this problem (UAE, Fellow), Amithlon provides AmigaOS with complete control over the hardware. Hosted on a specially modified linux kernel, Amithlon's CPU emulation runs AmigaOS; All access to graphics, sound, networking and interface hardware is provided through standard AmigaOS drivers. Amithlon 2.0 is distributed as a self-booting CD-ROM image.

About Amiga:
In 1985, Amiga introduced the world to Multimedia with the launch of the incredible Amiga 1000, a revolution in hardware with dedicated audio and graphics chips and a revolution in software with the first 32 bit, fully pre-emptive, multitasking operating system. It then went on to dominate the 1980s and early 1990s, pioneering video and animation and giving rise to many of the top gaming companies of today. That tradition will continue with the launch of the brand new AmigaOne desktop computer and its companion, AmigaOS4.0, destined to set new standards and expectations in the world of digital living. Amiga can be reached on the web at

About Bernd Meyer:
Bernd Meyer is a freelance software designer with almost 20 years of experience in professional software development. He has studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Germany and Australia, and is currently completing a PhD on Image Modeling at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. In 2000, two of Bernd's hobby projects got out of hand. One turned into Glicbawls, a category winner in the 2000 International Obfuscated C Code Contest, the other into a Just-In-Time compiler for the Amiga emulator UAE, providing it with much greater emulation speed. In 2001, Bernd further refined the JIT Compiler for inclusion in Amithlon.

Inzwischen ist auch die offizielle Pressemitteilung von Amiga Inc. online. (ps)

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