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Amiga Future

Sourcecode der render.library veröffentlicht
Tim S. Müller hat den Sourcecode der render.library Version 31.0 veröffentlicht. Änderungen seit Version 30.0:
  • Simplified the over-complex quantization algorithm. The new algorithm leads to similar results, with much better performance.
  • Semaphores are (finally!) correctly initialized to zero.
  • Minor cleanup.
Download: renderlib_src.lha - readme - history

Was für eine Bibliothek ist die render.library?
  • render.library is an amiga shared library that serves an image processing kernel.
  • render.library is an interface between planar, truecolor and chunky graphics, plus it supports all amiga-specific pixel and color schemes.
  • render.library provides palette-management, histograms, alpha-channel processing, color reduction, rendering, dithering, scaling, texture-mapping, and lots of conversion functions.
  • render.library is built on a distinct architecture of functional classes, which allows e.g. texture-mapping and rendering in a single pass, without the need to allocate intermediate buffers.
  • render.library is fast.
  • render.library comes with autodocs and tutorials, and is freeware for freeware and shareware applications.

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