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Virus Help Denmark

Virenschutz: VirusExecutor Version 2.24
Jan Erik Olausen hat ein neues Update zu VirusExecutor veröffentlicht, welches auf der Website des Virus Help Denmark Teams zum Download bereitsteht.

Nachfolgend einige Einzelheiten zu dem Update:
  • Name: VirusExecutor v2.24
  • Archivname: VirusExecutor.lha
  • Archivgröße: 283.092 Bytes
  • Datum: 3. Juli 2002
  • Programmierer: Jan Erik Olausen - vht-dk
  • Benötigt: AmigaOS 2.04 or better
    xvs.library (enthalten)

Neu in Version 2.24:
  • Added asl.library and reqtools.library to the patch watch.
  • Added more commands to the memory monitor and fixed some bugs.
  • Fixed 'Modified' message when starting VE outside the current directory. Thanks to Charlene for finding this bug.
  • Renamed execPrivate functions. Thanks to Harry Sintonen for the info.
  • Unknown patches are now highlighted. Thanks to Andrew Boyarintsev for this tip.
  • Checking updates from aminet (US) fixed.
  • Improved patch checking... Should work with OS 3.9 (BB2).
  • Added MD5-128 bit checksum checking for BB2 exec.library.
  • Fixed bug, when saving KickStart to file under BB2.
  • VirusExecutor.patches has been renamed to VirusExecutor.PatchBrain!
  • Removed all sound. This is because VE used external programs to produce the sound... Not very clever if those programs were infected.. In the future I will add internal sound support.
  • Added MuMove4K right.
  • Fixed bug in CPU Int. and Exec Int. ValidMem was not doing the job.
  • Thanks to Harry Sintonen for the new GetVBR code and help.
  • exec.library now shows the right function name under MorphOS. Thanks to Harry Sintonen for the info.
  • Added recog for AHI (paula.device) to audio 0 ch. Thanks to Harry again.
  • Fixed bug when 'Converting IBM...' to Amiga and 'Rename pictures'
  • Changed CRC-32 to MD5-128 checking (FileWatch). Thanks to Harry Sintonen for this tip.
  • Fixed Enforcer hit when deleting from File Watch.
  • Fixed hits/crash when running VE under MorphOS. Thanks to Harry Sintonen for the info about lib_NegSize under MorphOS. There are still some bugs to be fixed while running MorphOS...
  • Fixed small bug in memory area name (Memory monitor).
PatchBrain changes:
  • Added 2 more patches from TrueMultiAssigns v1.09
  • Added 1 more patch to MCP
  • Added MuFastZero v40.20
  • Bugfix: FixGetMsg vs SystemPatch
  • Changed the author of ReqAttack to Jacek Piszczek jr.
  • Added Magic Layers v1.0
  • Added BlazeWCP v1.73
  • Added FixLongMult v1.00
  • Added FakeDefIconMsg v0.1
  • Added DiskSafe v1.32
  • Added ScreenTab v3.2
  • Added PatchWork v0.15
  • Added TitleShadow v1.0
  • Added BDebug v1.688
  • Added FixGetMsg
  • Added SAS/C_CPR v6.58
  • Added LibWatch v0.1
  • Added PM v37.8
  • Added CentreQuest
  • Added AssignWedge v1.5
  • Added one more patch to NewMode
  • Added RAWBinfo v1.35
  • Added AslToRT v39.8
  • Added MuForce v40.30
  • Added SaferPatchesv 2.12
  • Added more from MCP
  • Added SegTracker v37.74
  • Added MagicTV
  • Added RPP v1.0
  • Added Snapper v1.0
  • Added PatchControl v2.6
Download shortcut (Denmark site): (ps)

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