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Martin Heine (ANF)

bplan and Thendic merge to GENESI (update)
The bplan GmbH, Frankfurt, (Pegasos, MorphOS) and Thendic-France S.A.R.L., Paris, merge to Genesi S.A.R.L. located in Luxemburg. Genesi was founded this week and will start its activities on 1.01.2003.

The official start of sale of the Pegasos with MorphOS will be the fair Amiga + Retro Computing which will take place in Aachen on 7. and 8. December 2002. On this fair the buyer of a Pegasos will be offered a special game-bundle. No matter where the Pegasos will has been bought every buyer has the possibility to buy this bundle at the stand of Thendic for 50,- Euro which consists of Feeble Files, Software Tycoon and Tales of Talmar.

Genesi will also take part on the COMDEX and CeBIT. On the last mentioned one the MAI Logics Inc. will also take part which has developed together with Genesi the chipset for the handheld Pegasos called "Eclipsis".

There are also new dealers in USA, Canada and Great Britain. Additionally a well-known Russian IT distributor will carry out the distribution in Russia.

The new founded company Genesi will create a webportal for developers before 01.01.2003 that registered developers, user groups, which support and performance the Pegasos can buy the Pegasos or other devices for a special price.

You can get further information under the title link.

Addendum 23.11.2002:
By inquiring Thendic France we have been told that also buyers of betatester I and betatester II will have the possibiblity to buy the game-bundle on the fair. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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