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Erik Johansson / AmiGBG (E-Mail)

Veranstaltung: AmiGBG, Göteborg am 29.03.2003
Am 29. März 2003 wird die AmiGBG in Göteborg, Schweden zum zweiten Mal ihre Tore öffnen. AmiGBG ist eine Amiga-Messe, die von Amiga-Usern organisiert wird, es ist die einzige schwedische Amiga-Show. Lesen Sie im Anschluss die komplette englischsprachige Pressemeldung:

AmiGBG 2003 Press Release

For the second year in a row, the user group AmiGBG will organize an Amiga fair at Lindholmen, Gothenburg, Sweden. AmiGBG 2002 were the first Amiga fair in Sweden since 1998 and had over 450 visitors. At the fair you will see both the Amiga system of tomorrow, based on G3/G4-processors, and Classic Amiga (based on 68k). We hope to be able to present, among other things, a complete version of the new AmigaOS - OS4 - running on the new PowerPC based hardware - AmigaOne.

The fair is aimed at both Amiga enthusiasts as well as for people interested in other alternative platforms. Amongst other things, Linux will most likely be demonstrated on the new AmigaOne. The exhibitors will be everything from abroad companies to swedish usergroups. The invitation to participate at AmiGBG 2003 has not only been sent to "pure" Amiga companies but also to other hardware manufactures.

About AmiGBG

AmiGBG is a Swedish usergroup who's mainly goal is to organize fairs and increase the interest for Amiga. The team AmiGBG has organized AmiGBG 2002 (see above) and AOne Gothenburg 2002 Fall Event, an event where the new Amiga was shown in Scandinavia for the first time.

For more info regarding those events, please look at the links below:


For more info:
Email: (ps)

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