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Aminet Uploads bis 13.09.2003
Hier die seit unserer letzten Meldung neu hinzugekommenen Aminet-Uploads:
YamHTMLyam.lha       comm/mail   27K+(1.9a) Shows HTML e-mails with YAM mail 
AImonc.lha           comm/tcp   506K+Controlls an Fli4l router. (German only)
AmiDiction.lha       comm/tcp    31K+Online Dictionary
BabelDoc.lha         comm/tcp    39K+Translate docs or strings from one langu
imapd1_0.lha         comm/ums    53K+Internet message access protocol server 
umsspamc1_3.lha      comm/ums    15K+SpamAssassin client for UMS
IBrowseSP.lha        comm/www    17K+IBrowse 2.x spanish catalogs v2.3.1d
MakeHTMLMap.lha      comm/www   305K+Powerful WWW Gallery/Catalog Creator (A+
streamer.lha         comm/www   320K+Internet radio MPEG and RealAudio file p
abnormalia2HD.lha    demo/mag   770K+Abnormalia 2 (HD friendly and more)
SDL-Amiga.lha        dev/misc   1.4M+Version 1.2.6 of Amiga SDL audio/video l
fat95.lha            disk/misc  134K+Win95/98 compatible file system
Labyrinth2.lha       game/misc  145K+Find the hidden treasure in the Labyrint
DIYrekoIII.lha       gfx/ifx     48K+Create REKO, Soliton and AS-... cardsets
4_skins_Kaya.lha     gfx/misc   147K+4 skins for Kaya player (MOS)
dttoppm.lha          gfx/pbm      9K+V37.1, Datatype to PPM converter
deMOMstration.lha    misc/emu    47K+MOM self-presentation - developer packag
deMOMstr_usr.lha     misc/emu    18K+MOM self-presentation - user package
MEMOU_usr.lha        misc/emu   215K+MOM game - user package
MOMiga_usr.lha       misc/emu    48K+MOM emulator for Amiga - user package
MOM_dvp.lha          misc/emu   109K+MOM hand-held device - developer package
MOS_dvp.lha          misc/emu    80K+MOM OS - developer package
MOS_usr.lha          misc/emu    23K+MOM OS - user package
MW_usr.lha           misc/emu     2K+MOM Wrapper - user package
scl.lha              misc/emu     5K+Work with SCL-archives v0.3
rescode.lha          misc/sci    11K+(1.2) Calculates resistor values (4 and 
TheMPegEncGUI.lha    mus/misc   332K+GUI 4 Lame,Ogg,BladeEnc,Pegase,Ncode,Mus
ProTexCon.lha        text/misc   27K+Freeware Protext Document Converter V0.9
TurboPrintSP.lha     text/print   7K+TurboPrint 7.x spanish catalog v7.2.0
ActivateWindow.lha   util/cli     5K+CLI-tool to activate, move to front wind
PGPLib1_4.lha        util/libs   15K+Pgp.library with ARexx port
DagensTV.lha         util/misc   32K+Viewer for the TV-guide e-mail from Dage
ConvColorIcon.lha    util/sys    21K+ConvertColorIcon: Convert OS35+ icons in
DRemind.lha          util/time  296K+Reminds you whenever you want.. v1.66!
RandomWBPatt.lha     util/wb     32K+Timer controled Slideshow-like random WB

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