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Aminet Uploads bis 30.11.2003
Hier die seit unserer letzten Meldung neu hinzugekommenen Aminet-Uploads:
TView.lha            comm/tcp    84K+List TV-programs in Europe.
MakeHTMLMap.lha      comm/www   557K+Powerful WWW Gallery/Catalog Creator (v3
WebPics107.lha       comm/www     6K+WebPics 1.07 - Web Based Photo Gallery G
wpz-frozen41.lha     demo/aga   1.1M+Frozen#41 - Special March Edition
wpz-motions.lha      demo/aga    58K+64kb intro by Whelpz - 1st at Spoletium'
Annotate.lha         dev/cross   13K+Comments and reformats DASMX 2650 cross-
cc65-bin.lha         dev/cross  942K+ANSI C cross-compiler for 6502 family
cc65-src.lha         dev/cross  773K+ANSI C cross-compiler for 6502 family
Draco2C.lha          dev/lang    17K+Draco-to-C source code translator
TCS.lha              dev/misc   734K+320x256x8 50 FPS C2P on A1200/030 & more
TCS_demo.lha         dev/misc   534K+TCS & tcs.library interactive presentati
Liga2003-04.lha      game/data   29K+League update 2003-04 for SWOS game
Garden.lha           game/misc   54K+Pick flowers from the Garden.
ADoom-1.3.lha        game/shoot 426K+Amiga port of DOOM v1.3
ADoomPPC.lha         game/shoot 552K+Amiga PPC port of ADoom v1.7
ADoomPPC_src.lha     game/shoot 549K+Source code of Amiga PPC port of DOOM v1
ADoom_src-1.3.lha    game/shoot 533K+Source code of Amiga port of DOOM v1.3
DonSimon.lha         game/think 1.4M+Nice wb game based in the classic Simon 
Follia_NBA_FE.lha    game/think 1.4M+Extremely addictive puzzler; pure fun!
rockpapersciss.lha   game/think 1.0M+Well knowed game to play in AMIGA and PE
GIFsplit.lha         gfx/conv    24K+Splits GIF animations into individual GI
Xami.lha             gfx/x11    450K+An X11 server for Amiga
A1200_fixes.lha      hard/misc  1.3M+All A1200 motherboard modifcations 
SunSuite4organ.mpg   mods/mpg    17M+Four part suite for pipe organ
BareED.lha           text/edit  304K+Simple to use text editor supporting pro
MUIUnArc.lha         util/arc    11K+MUI UnArc
BMPdt.lha            util/dtype  42K+BMP picture datatype 40.16 for >= OS 3.0
ExtraLib.lha         util/libs  357K+Complex dynamic buffer system, and other
SetAgnus.lha         util/misc    7K+Removes an incompatibility between Amith
xpkGZIP.lha          util/pack   74K+XpkGZIP compressor 1.2
ARxShellEngDoc.lha   util/rexx  159K+English help file for ARexxShell V1.2
ARxShellV1.2.lha     util/rexx  100K+A shell for ARexx V1.2
ConvColorIcon.lha    util/sys    40K+ConvColorIcon: Convert OS35+ icons into 
Mill.lha             util/virus 163K+Polish antivirus

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