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Chris Hodges (E-Mail)

USB-Stack: Poseidon Update V2.2
Chris Hodges hat soeben die Release 2.2 des USB-Stacks "Poseidon" bekannt gegeben. Seit der letzten Version im Juni 2003 wurden zahlreiche Classes überarbeitet und erweitert. Hodges teilt folgende Änderungen und Neuerungen mit:

After my seven months break due to my diploma thesis, I have reworked the HID class quite a bit. It now supports digital and analogue joypads via the lowlevel.library. Moreover, the class now supports changing of HID Output and Feature items (i.e. for keyboard LEDs or Force Feedback/Rumble joypads). Input values for items can now be scaled and clipped and flipped. There is support for local and global variables. The value that is used for the action can now also be redirected to origin from these variables, timers, click counts, etc, or randomly (e.g. for auto fire). Actions can now be triggered upon definable condition codes, making it even more powerful (you want to do a special action on three clicks with the middle mouse button, or when shift is pressed?, no problem!). The default keyboard mapping can now also be changed. All this comes with a price -- the GUI is now a bit more complex. But no worries -- you don't have to use these features, if you don't like to. The English version of the manual has been updated a bit to reflect the changes -- unfortunately, the German translation (done by Michael Böhmer) has been lost in a crash. I will update the guide accordingly, but this will take some more time.

Several classes have been updated, such as the massstorage.class. It now has some new default settings and fall back options.

The poseidon main library now fixes the problems created by broken Olympus cameras not being bound to the MSD class. It now also tries to assign better names to devices that don't come with string descriptors.

Trident has been rewritten into subclasses for the MorphOS mprefs and is now a bit more stable (I hope).

The installer script has been slightly updated and now contains Spanish strings, kindly translated by Dámaso Domínguez.

The AddUSBHardware command now has an "ALL" option, allowing to take the stack offline by just issuing an "AddUSBHardware REMOVE ALL" line -- handy for game starting scripts.

Finally, the device driver for the Algor has been optimized a bit, and also a bug had been fixed.

Now for something completely different. In August, I stopped taking registrations, because Elbox treated me badly (as a summary) and I hoped, that they would change their mind. I should have known better. They kept selling their cards, even though they knew that the users wouldn't be able to use them. They didn't care at all about the users and their fate.

As of today, the registration process is open again. Keyfiles can again be obtained from me directly (cash or bank transfer, no credit cards!). Please note that the licence fee has been increased a bit to reflect the new features added. Of course, no new keyfile are required for current users to use the V2.2 version.

IOSpirit will offer a bundle for ArakAttack users soon, details will be announced by IOSpirit in a few days (please don't bugger them right now). ArakAttack currently works on Amithlon and OpenPCI supported PCI bridge boards for OHCI and UHCI PCI cards (and onboard USB). EHCI (USB2.0) is being implemented and will be available later.

ArakAttack currently does not work on Mediator boards, but means are being prepared to get it running on these machines to offer a high-quality USB driver for any PCI card (including the Spider).

That's it for now. Hope you will enjoy the new Poseidon release and have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. Who knows, maybe we will see many nice things happing during 2004. Such as the AmigaOS4 release or the Pegasos II.

Stay healthy! There's still much to come. (nba)

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