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AmigaWorld (Website)

Fortnightly Q&A's mit Fleecy Moss - Runde 25
Das englischsprachige Online-Magazin AmigaWorld hat die Folge 25 der zweiwöchentlichen Fragen und Antworten an und von Fleecy Moss, CTO bei AMIGA, Inc., veröffentlicht (Update, 15.03.2012, cg: Meldung um das eigentliche Interview ergänzt, da das ursprüngliche Dokument nicht mehr verfügbar ist):

1) CanGuy: Can you elaborate a bit on how scripting languages will fit into AG 2? Specifically, is it likely SHEEP will be available for AmigaOS as well as AmigaDE?

Fleecy: When we talk about scripting languages in AG2, we are talking about lists of instructions that manipulate components and services. These can be used by both users to automate their digital activity as well as developers who wish to create more complex behaviour. SHEEP itself was designed for something specific within the AmigaDE when AmigaDE was destined to be a universal solution. With the AmigaDE now a technology set for content solutions, SHEEP, or rather the ideas and work behind it will be reworked into the AG2 technology set. More will be released on this when the time is right but a control language of some sort is a key part of the AG2 project.

2) Silvamorphis: I'd be interested in finding out about any & all information on (BEGINNERS) tutorials, dvd's, and instructional materials will included with AOS4 when it is released.

Fleecy: We will do our best to provide both online and on disc support for AmigaOS4.0 when it is released. The new Amiga Power Platform (APP) site will form the centre piece of this effort. I don't have any more details on this at the moment as we are putting the majority of our resources into finishing the product first.

3) Asemoon: What is your opinion about REBOL? And as there are versions available for 68k AmigaOS and AmigaDE do you think it is likely there will be a port for OS4?

Fleecy: I think it is a great product that addresses a major need but, as is usual, the world seems to be a few years behind Carl in recognising that need. I look forwards to seeing it on AmigaOS4.

4) aldur: Can you describe the Amiga Roadmap for working with XML, including standards and future implementations.

Fleecy: Partial implementations have been used in AmigaOS4.0 for specific projects. Once we have AmigaOS4.0 out the door, we will then bring together the requirements for AmigaOS4.1, AG2 and our customers and build a plan that moves from AmigaOS4.0 to a full implementation. We see XML as providing a great descriptive protocol for data portability but there are issues with regards to performance if we are to apply it directly to any semantic domain services.

5) pods: The XML support in application.library (i think thats right) is great but i would like to know if this is a W3C DOM (Document Object Model) implementation, and if so, if it is fully compliant against the standard?

Fleecy: No there isn't.

6) KimmoK: Any comments about the site ? Is there any sign of co-operation between Genesi & Amiga?

Fleecy: I cannot comment on anything that might have a bearing on ongoing litigation. Amiga is a company that has a set of products. If a third party wishes to make use of those products, we are always willing to talk and, if the co-operation can provide mutually beneficial returns beyond any opportunity cost then there should be no problem.

7) Legion: BBRV mentioned in an post that Escom had sold certain trademark and IP to China in the form of CD32-a-likes and such. I don't see that selling embedded PPC mini-atx hardware with or without AmigaOS in china could possibly infringe on Amiga IP regarding a game console design, but can you confirm/comment on this?

Fleecy: No idea. I'm not a lawyer. IP and trademark law is quite clear though, except where it isn't. That's my misunderstanding of it and I'm sticking to it ;-)

8) Rob: A few years ago you mentioned the idea of Cannon Fodder 3D for the Amiga. With Worms 3D now available, do have any plans to make the dream a reality?

Fleecy: If I could find a few million dollars and get Sensible to licence it to me, then maybe, but then again, my wife might have something to say about it. Amiga, as a company has no plans to do such a thing but if someone does, I'd be happy to buy it.

9) elwood: Fleecy, do you think that releasing OS4 for the Classic is commercially viable ? Considering the fact that there is already an OS for the 68k cpu (some people may still use 3.9 instead of jumping into 4.0) and one for the PPC cpu.

Fleecy: It was developed on the classic and we are sympathetic to those who supported the Amiga platform by spending lots of money on classic equipment. AmigaOS4.0 will be the only release for the classic, but we hope it is enough to persuade these people to buy an AmigaOne and upgrade to the future. As such, it may not be viable but it is an investment in the future.

10) Troels: Will AA content reach the M$ Smartphones soon, will content for other phones (symbian?) be available in the near future?

Fleecy: Several AACE developers have already created such content and we are working on the necessary AmigaDE components to provide a full product. It has already been demonstrated to Microsoft and we are in discussions with them. We are also working on that technology for Symbian as well but I have no release dates at present.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all Amiga community members, hopefully the last one without a new Amiga. We look forwards to releasing the pre-release sometime in the new year, closely followed by the real thing. As always, we are not yet prepared to announce any dates or timescales on anything
until we have the particular product or release in front of us. However, the user groups out there are doing a great job in showing the current status of AmigaOS4.0, allowing the community to get a feel for themselves of the progres being made.

Here's to a wonderful 2004.

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