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SystemPatch: Version 2.3 veröffentlicht
Sante Nocciolinos SystemPatch, welches diverse Systemroutinen patcht, um auf Amiga-Computern (68020 oder besser) eine Performance-Steigerung zu erzielen, liegt mittlerweile in der Version 2.3 vor.

Neuerungen der Version 2.3 (30 KB):
  • Fixed bugs in AllocRaster(); some WB games like VChess, MineRunner, ... were saying there was not enough memory (reported by Luca "Hexaae" Longone)
  • A lot of small enhancements, minor speedups to some gfx functions and bugfixes
  • AllocRaster() patch causes probelms with games like Quake68k and BloodNet AGA, now fixed (reported by Luca "Hexaae" Longone)
  • WritePixel() bug that causes system freezing with Octamed SoundStudio when using its Synthetic Sound Editor (reported by Luca "Hexaae" Longone)
  • ENV:FAllocRasterExcludeList can contain a list of tasks to be excluded from AllocRaster() chip to fast memory promotion. I've to do a better implementation for the task exclusion of AllocRaster() patch
  • Added patches for non FBlit systems: BltBitMap(), Draw(), BltClear(). Previous BltClear() required FBlit but was installed too when FBlit was not running
  • Added: ClearScreen(), ClearEOL(), InitRastPort(), TextLength(), SetFont()
  • Other improvements I don't remember

[Meldung: 29. Mai. 2004, 16:57] [Kommentare: 7 - 30. Mai. 2004, 19:10]
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