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Vinnny (ANF)

Instant Messenger: Jabberwocky 1.5 pre8 (Beta)
Der Instant Messenger Jabberwocky liegt nun in der öffentlichen Betaversion 1.5pre8 vor. Das Archiv enthält auch neue Katalogdateien, welche verwendet werden müssen, sofern man nicht die eingebaute englische Sprache wählt.

Änderungen seit der letzten Version:
  • Rewrote iksemel library data collection functions (message text etc.) so that discarded memory is deallocated when storage space for incoming text data is expanded. The old functions were consuming huge amounts of memory for incoming text that was not released until the program exited.
  • Changed the iksemel library XML parsing functions to use a fixed size buffer instead of allocating more memory for all incoming data. Previous functions could use large amounts of memory that was not released back to the system until the program exited.
  • Corrected the column labels in the search results window. Fixed search window corruption caused by incorrect calculation of the number of columns required to display search results.
  • All memory allocated by the iksemel library for data structures that are passed to the main program is now deallocated when no longer needed.
  • Made a number of changes to eliminate compiler warnings when compiling the Jabberwocky source code.
  • Added Russian locale catalog source file contributed by Vinny.
  • The "presence" cycle gadget in the main window is now disabled until Jabberwocky is connected and online.
  • Added checks for successful shared library opening before starting the main program.
  • Added signal bit definition missing from public MorphOS SDK to enable the sound routines for MorphOS version of Jabberwocky.
  • Several missing MorphOS include directives were added by Christian Rosentreter.
  • MorphOS locale sources and PPC makefiles updated by Nicolas Sallin.
  • Numerous MorphOS sections of the Jabberwocky source code have been updated by Nicolas Sallin to be compliant with latest MorphOS system.
  • Spanish locale catalog source file updated by Roger Barranco.
  • Improved new sound routines to make them more effecient. Replaced the system break signal with an application allocated signal for starting sound play.
  • Corrected "extended away" roster icon (wrong image).

Download: Jabberwocky_aos_v1_5pre8.lha (86 KB) (cg)

[Meldung: 06. Dez. 2004, 14:00] [Kommentare: 4 - 08. Dez. 2004, 19:27]
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