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AmigaOS 4: TuneNet 0.60r2 Alpha
TuneNet ist ein MP3-Player für AmigaOS 4, der auch MP3-Streams aus dem Internet abspielt. Die letzten Änderungen:
  • Network class updated:
    • Fixed - non blocking mode errors.
    • Updated - Read, Send and Connect can handle both blocking and non blocking calls inernally now.
    • Updated - The Socket Error area was not properly allocated.
    • Fixed - Chunked Data decode has extra error checking for zero sizes.
  • Calls to decode chunked data were actually the wrong size - ARGH! This caused the apparent empty stream effect.
  • PLS data was nulled in the wrong place... sigh + also allocation was 1 byte to little..
  • Internal changes (Threads seperated)
  • Buffered Play
  • Update GUI
  • Chunked Data routine in Internet Radio grab caused crashes - fixed!
  • Fixed "Not Playing" ENV var issue when double clicking an MP3 from WB.
  • New Preferences section allowing you to choose the AHI mode, buffers and other items.
  • NewLib compiled; slightly smaller exe file.
  • Time counter toggle button for local MP3 files.
  • Icon image used as App Icon.
  • Added the internals to allow multiple streaming! - Yes this will have a use shortly.
  • Network Non-Blocking mode activated.
  • Extra task added to handle network stream data.

Download: TNV060r2.lha (269 KB) (cg)

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