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Brennprogramm: Frying Pan 1.1
Tomasz Wiszkowski hat die Version 1.1 seines CD- und DVD-Brennprogramms Frying Pan veröffentlicht.

  • [Feature Request] Eject after write option (Error)
  • [Feature Request] Write speed selection (Error)
  • [Feature Request] add 'Blank Before Write' checkbox to write page (Error)
  • [Feature Request] "Tool" button that will allow run operations quickly (Error)
  • [GUI] FP freezes when a lot of files are added and displays bad drive information (Error)
  • [Behaviour] ISO builder is very slow (Error)
  • [Behaviour] Add sii####ide.device to list of harmless devices (Error)
  • [Behaviour] Fryingpan crashes upon close, when started from an icon (Error)
  • [Behaviour] Files in iso builder are not sorted (Error)
  • [Behaviour] ASL requesters show weird chars in path when native characters were used previously (Error)
  • [Behaviour] Crash, when no file is selected to add to data/audio tracks and user presses OK (Error)
  • [Engine] Engine has problems detecting profile of older drives (Error)
  • [Behaviour] Program is unable to stop download when file writing fails. (Error)
  • [Feature Request] measure time req'd to complete erase/format operation, report it as ETA (Error)
  • [GUI] the disc usage bar does not show calculated disc usage (Error)
  • [GUI] Drag'n'Drop to Data/Audio tracks does not work (Error)
  • [Behaviour] FryingPan does not remember Disc Name and System ID for next session (Error)
  • [GUI] Layout size reported improperly (Error)
  • [GUI] Iconified FryingPan shows default icon labelled as "unnamed" (Error)
  • [Behaviour] FryingPan keeps lock on displayed images after exit (Error)
  • [Behaviour] When FP is unable to open UI module, it crashes (Error)
  • [Behaviour] a1ide.device is reported as unknown / potentially harmful (Error)
  • [GUI] Enforcer hits after selecting dos device (Error)
  • [GUI] length of large tracks (>4GB) is displayed improperly (truncated) (Error)

[Meldung: 29. Jan. 2007, 19:57] [Kommentare: 6 - 30. Jan. 2007, 22:48]
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