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Andreas Falkenhahn (ANF)

Hollywood: Einsatz in Zahnarztpraxen
Mit Andreas Falkenhahns Hollywood Designer unter AmigaOS 4 erstellte Präsentationen halten möglicherweise in Kürze in zahlreichen Zahnarztpraxen Einzug.

Das norwegische Startup-Unternehmen Ferrule Media setzt Hollywood für sein kommerzielles Produkt "Dental Kanal" ein, das auch bereits auf einer Branchen-Messe vorgeführt wurde. Nachfolgend lesen Sie eine entsprechende Mitteilung, die auf der Hollywood-Mailingliste veröffentlicht wurde:

I would like to give you some information about our projects and hopefully inspire other hollywood users. I'm one of the founders of Ferrule Media, a new company that is developing software and information channels to be used in dentistry. We are now in the early process of releasing our software in Norway and Denmark.

I'm a dentist of profession and a former demoscene graphician. Nobody of the Ferrule team has any knowledge about coding. However, Hollywood Designer offered everything we needed in order to make (what we think is) quality software.

Ferrule Media has at the moment finished two projects:

Project 1: Dental Kanal - an information channel to be used in dentists waiting rooms. At the moment we cover 23 topics about dentistry. These topics are displayed to the patients while they wait for their treatment.

Project 2: Dental Info - a program that helps the dentist in the process of informing patients while they get their treatment in the dental-chair. This is done by offering a series of illustrations to cover problems and treatment of different kinds of dental treatment.

On our homepage you will be able to download demos of our programs for Windows and Mac OS. There are also lots of screenshots to show the graphical user-interface and design. Everything is made using AmigaOS 4.1 and Hollywood Designer. The homepage is written in Norwegian and Danish.

We showed Dental Kanal and Dental Info to the public in December 2008 with great success! We believe that 2009 will become an interesting year.

In the end I would like to send some special greetings to Andreas. I'm not sure if all of you are aware of it, but Andreas made some very important additions to Hollywood Designer when he released version 2.1. The ability to import scripts and merge two or more scripts are important if several people are working on the same project. Also, the ability to link all graphics and other files into the main executable is very important to secure the graphics released in our software.

Thanks alot for releasing version 2.1 for free! Also the ability to save executables for both Windows and Mac OS in addition to AmigaOS is amazing. Without these changes and your great support we would not have been able to finish our products. I do hope that more users will buy Hollywood Designer and see what it has to offer.

I would also like to thank PEB for his help and support. He has helped me solving some coding-questions and also made the great tool called text2png (released on OS4Depot). Text2png is a program that allows you to save text into PNG files with alpha-channel. By doing this it is possible to have text displayed on Hollywood PC/Mac executables even if TrueType font support is missing at the moment.

Best regards,
Torgeir Vee
Ferrule Media
Norway (snx)

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