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Software-News: Logikspiel Chips, Texteditor Annotate 2.7, MPlayer-GUI 1.47

AmigaOS 4: Logikspiel Chips

In Ventzislav Tzvetkovs Logikspiel Chips muss ein Professor Computer bauen, indem er Computer-Chips umherschiebt und immer acht baugleiche Bausteine miteinander verbindet. Während der Portierung des schon länger für AmigaOS 3 verfügbaren Spiels auf AmigaOS 4 wurden die Grafiken und Animationen verbessert, außerdem kann das Spiel jetzt auch in einem Fenster laufen.

Texteditor: Annotate 2.7

Der quelloffene Texteditor Annotate steht für alle Amiga-Systeme zur Verfügung und bietet u.A. Syntax-Highlighting, unlimitiertes Undo/Redo und Unterstützung für mehrere Clipboards. Erstmals steht jetzt auch eine Portierung für AROS zur Verfügung, weitere Änderungen in Version 2.7:
  • Annotate can now be compiled for MUI instead of ReAction! The OS4 version uses ReAction since it looks better and has more features under OS4. All other targets are compiled for MUI but can be compiled for ReAction/ClassAct as well.
  • AROS is now supported
  • Added simple project support. This makes it possible to save and load a project file which will contain the current configuration of opened files and their editors/windows. Makes for a quick way of reopening all the files and windows you were working on yesterday, or before a crash
  • Annotate's editors are now AppWindows which means that you can drop icons on them to open files
  • Having a requester opening when Ann is started from Workbench is now optional
  • Realtime update of colors in the editor when they are changed from the Config
  • Added an expiration date to the "remembered lines"
  • Fixed the auto-update function so that it will download the correct binary for your OS (Will of course only work the next time)
  • Pasting an text that started with a linefeed at the end of a line didn't work correctly
  • Possibly fixed some random garbage that could have been inserted when cut'n'pasting vertical blocks with empty lines in the middle

AmigaOS 4: MPlayer-GUI 1.47

MPlayer-GUI ist eine Reaction-basierte graphische Benutzeroberfläche für den Video-Player MPlayer. Änderungen in Version 1.47:
  • Made use of application.library which now also takes care of sending the filenames to an already opened MPlayer-GUI
  • Found a cool feature in intuition. Have compositing enabled and you can't miss it ;-)

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