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25.Dez.2009 (Webseite)

Instant Messenger: AmiMSN 1.2-WIP ("Weihnachts-Edition")
Michael Trebilcocks AmiMSN ist ein in ARexx geschriebener, konsolenbasierter Instant-Messenger-Client für das MSN-Netzwerk. Änderungen in dieser Version:
  • Minor memory leak fix
  • Launch from icons. PNG/NewIcon/Old-style icons included
  • Removal of MD5SUM. Using function in rxlibnet
  • Only says "is now known as" if they were already online
  • "User is typing.." message sent to recipients. This is only now possible due to the new switchboard code in 1.1
  • Changed text font (that will be shown on recipients side) from MS Sans Serif to Segoe UI
  • Recognises when WLM aborts a file being sent to you
  • Thumbnail data sent from Windows Live Messenger when an image file is offered, is saved to RAM:Preview.png
  • Obtain ticket quicker on OS4
  • If someone offers you a file without saying anything first, a window will now open. Increases compatibility with some clients that use a new switchboard session for file transfers
  • Small change to try to stop clients from requesting your avatar too often
  • A few minor optimizations
  • Fixed long standing bug when removing a group in IRCd mode. Anyone who was online in the group/channel that was removed, the WHOIS reponse would still show them being in that now non-existant channel
  • Crude Direct connection support for receiving when listening. Should work in the majority of cases when receiving from WLM

Anwender mit AmigaOS 4 sollten die Bibliotheken rxsocket.library und rxlibnet.library in die Blacklist des JIT-Emulators aufnehmen, um Probleme mit AmiMSN zu verhindern. (cg)

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