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24.Jun.2010 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: Aquaria portiert (Betaversion)
Aquaria (Screenshot) ist ein kommerzielles 2D-Action-Adventure von Bit Blot für Windows, Mac OS und Linux, welches nun von Andrea Palmatè auch für AmigaOS 4 portiert wurde und als vorläufige Betaversion unter dem Titellink heruntergeladen werden kann.

Das Archiv enthält die Demoversion des Spiels, die Vollversion ist über Bit Blot zu erwerben.

System requirements:
  • An Amiga NG (SAM, micro-A1, A1, Pegasos 2)
  • 512 MB of RAM (1 GB reccomended)
  • A video card with at least 64 MB of RAM (128 MB recommended to play the game correctly)
  • Latest SDL library (included in the package)
  • OpenAL (the included one does cause an error at exit of the program)
  • MiniGL 2.2 (included in the package)
Known problems:
  • If you have a system with 512 MB and 64 MB video RAM, it is better to close all programs before running Aquaria. Use also a 16 Bit Workbench screen with compositing effects off to save Video RAM
  • You could get trashed textures in the menu (and also during the game). This means that you are out of memory (video and/or system). The game is still playable but you should free something before continuing to play. A video card with 128 MB of RAM should cure all problems. Otherwise, if this happens you can close the game and restart from a saved location
  • When you push escape key during the game the machine could freeze. I don't know why but i have nothing on the serial debug output and I don't know why it does freeze
Download: Aquaria.lha.lzh (200 MB) (snx)

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