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17.Feb.2011 (Webseite)

Datatype: WarpPNG 45.14
Olver Roberts' WarpPNG-Datatype steht für AmigaOS 3/4, WarpOS und MorphOS zur Verfügung. Neu in Version 45.14:
  • When ALPHA_MODE is set to KEEP:
    • Expand palette-mapped images with more than one transparent colour to RGBA with full alpha
    • Take note of any transparent entries set for RGB and greyscale images, and expand them to a full alpha channel
    • Convert greyscale images with alpha channel to RGBA
    • Ignore any background colour specified in the file, no longer compositing transparent images with it, preserving the alpha channel
    • Fixed incorrect background colour when combining an alpha channel with images that use 16 bits per pixel
  • No longer uses any floating point math, reducing overhead for all versions and speeding up gamma correction on all 68k versions
  • Added workaround for a bug in OS4 which can cause a crash when a requester is opened (bug fixed in intuition.library 53.32)
  • Integrated libpng 1.5.1
  • Updated with zlib 1.2.5

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