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03.Jun.2011 (Webseite)

Emulator: WinUAE 2.3.2
Der Amiga-Emulator WinUAE liegt nun in der Version 2.3.2 vor. Das Update nutzt erstmals die AROS/68k-Version als Kickstart-Ersatz, wenn keine Originaldatei verfügbar ist.

Neue Eigenschaften:
  • AROS ROM replacement development snapshot included, replaces old very basic ROM replacement feature, used by default if official KS ROM is not found
  • New autofire option. Button released = autofire. Button pressed = normal non-autofire firebutton
  • Stop the CPU and wait until blitter has finished if any blitter register is accessed while blitter is busy and CPU mode is fastest possible
  • Better workaround than immediate blitter for programs that have blitter wait bugs with fast CPU
  • Serial port telnet server

  • Disk emulation accuracy improved (Codertrash / Mexx, El Egg Tronic Quarts / Quadlite)
  • CIA timer undocumented startup delays emulated (Risky Woods sound glitches)
  • win32.floppy_path and win32.hardfile_path really works as expected
  • Display panel refresh rate accepts non-integer values

Beseitigte Fehler:
  • Implemented workaround that should fix Direct3D blank screen problem
  • Sample ripper crash
  • 68000 exception 3 emulation fixed again. (Broke compatibility with some very old copy protections, for example Soldier of Light and Zoom!)
  • Reset bug that broke Arcadia mode, A1000 mode and Action Replay ROMs
  • Automatic resolution switch interlace detection was unreliable
  • CD32 early boot menu is accessible again
  • Rare crash when switching from fullscreen RTG mode to native mode
  • Borderblank chipset feature didn't work in ECS Denise mode
  • Possible input configuration corruption due to uninitialized variable
  • Color change table overflow crash that can happen when emulated program crashes really badly

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