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17.Jul.2011 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: RunInUAE r5
Christopher Handleys RunInUAE ermöglicht es, installierte m68k-Amiga-Software oder ADF-Diskettenabbilder komfortabel in einer UAE-Umgebung zu starten. Neuerungen in Version r5:
  • If you don't have an Amiga Forever CD, you no-longer have to supply files from a Workbench 3.1 disk (as a suitable fake WB3.1 will be created - although compatibility is lower).
  • Fixed an r4 installation bug where RunInUAE might not run right automatically until it had been run once manually. Many thanks to DAX for reporting this bug.
  • Changed E-UAE's priority from -1 to 0, to improve emulation performance. Thanks to DAX for his suggestion.
  • Various tweaks to E-UAE's configuration to improve emulation compatibility, accuracy & performance. Heavily based upon DAX's suggestions.
  • The installer will create the "kick34005.A500" & (with the AF 2008+ CD) "kick40068.A1200" files, which are needed by some WHDLoad games (such as Lucas Arts adventures). Thanks to DAX for help.
  • Improved patching of Workbench, to hopefully work on all versions of OS4, including Update 3 for OS4.1. Thanks to Colin Wenzel for his help, and Philippe Ferrucci for testing.
  • Added support for DMS disk images. Also the Insert disk requester now only shows files of the right type.
  • Added option to not change Workbench 3.1's screenmode prefs. Requested by Philippe Ferrucci.
  • Add a Help menu item, and the main window also reacts to the Help key. Added after many requests for this!
  • Would wrongly open an empty Notepad when answering No to creating a per-game config file.
  • When using a pre-existing Workbench 3.1 installation, it now ensures that the correct WbRun command is installed. Thanks to Philippe Ferrucci for reporting this bug.
  • Added Mason's pretty icons for RunInUAE's folder, plus UAE's folder & program. Thanks to DAX for pointing them out.
  • The installer's "Select ROM" file requester now starts in E-UAE's folder, for convenience. Thanks to Philippe Ferrucci for suggesting this.

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