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14.Dez.2011 (Webseite)

AROS-Distribution: Icaros Desktop 1.3.3
Paolo Besser stellt ein Update seiner AROS-Distribution Icaros Desktop zur Verfügung. Neu ist die 3D-Hardwareunterstützung für Intel-Chips, außerdem wurde die Distribution um diverse Pakete ergänzt:
  • added support for 3D hardware acceleration to Intel GMA driver
  • added three new games: Net Bubble, Beret and Dragon Memory
  • removed some older/half-working games
  • added flite speech synthesis engine
  • added ccd2cue disc format converter
  • updated diskimage.device to latest version
  • updated PortablE to latest version
  • updated DosBox to latest version
  • updated FlexCat to latest version
  • fix: no more dead shell window when AmiBridge runs unconfigured at startup
  • fix: Wanderer drag'n'drop now behaves correctly with multiple file selections
  • fix: Wanderer now updates screen when a new wallpaper is chosen
  • fix: Wanderer now remembers toolbar settings
  • fix: many CLI commands now behave as expected
  • fix: file requesters now behave as expected and support drag'n'drop
  • fix: palette gadget now uses all available space provided
  • fix: keyboard lasso now behaves correctly
  • fix: not-working system power-off option has been removed
  • fix: clipboard correctly detects very small clips
  • fix: menu bar is now correctly decorated
  • fix: decoration now works better and faster
  • fix: changing pointer doesn't show garbage in VESA modes anymore
  • fix: AROS is now installable from twice-partitioned USB pendrives
  • fix: CDVDFS doesn't crash anymore when dealing with longer file names
  • fix: Scout now handles memory correctly
  • updated system files to Dec 12 nightly build
  • added new DataTypes
  • added Convierteme image resizer/converter
  • added PXdrum digital drum with samples

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