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Rupert Hausberger (ANF)

Amiga-Emulator: Janus 0.6
Janus ist ein in Javascript verfasster Amiga-Emulator von Rupert Hausberger, der sich prinzipiell mit modernen Web-Browsern betreiben lässt, vollständig aber nur unter Chrome lauffähig ist ( berichtete).

In der aktuellen Fassung werden nach AmigaOS 1.x nun auch die Version 2.04 sowie AROS unterstützt, zudem laufen jetzt Spiele wie Alien Breed Tower Assault, Project-X Special Edition, Shadow of the Beast 2 oder Wings.

Changes in version 0.6 (25.10.2012):
  • ROM
    • Added support for extended-roms.
    • AROS kickstart replacement is now the default-rom, and will be downloaded and used on the fly.
  • RAM
    • Changed internal memory alignment from 8 to 16 bit.
    • Added fast-ram support, through a emulated Commodore A2058 in Zorro2-mode.
    • Removed the D8DC-memory-option from the GUI. This memory space is now always allocated.
    • Sorted access for memory-routines by priority.
  • CPU
    • Fixed sign-extension for memory to address-register transfers in MOVEM.
    • Fixed sign-extension for absolute-word addresses in exEA.
    • Fixed wrong address when writing a byte to the stack in ldEA.
    • Fixed 32bit calculations for address-regsiters in ADDQ/SUBQ.
    • Fixed remainder calculation in DIVU.
    • Optimized integer-arithmetic functions. Size depending calcalations are now used.
    • Improved exception 2/3 handling.
    • More small cleanups not listed here.
  • Disk
    • Ported latest disk-code from WinUAE. Disk-based problems should be gone now, e.g. floopy shown as BAD or read errors.
    • Diskchange does now work.
    • Drives can be disabled now.
    • DD/HD types are now supported.
  • Display
    • Added missing support for HAM6.
    • Fixed horizontal and vertical screen-centering.
    • Fixed screen-draging, almost, read the "Known bugs" section.
    • Added better screen-scrolling.
  • Input
    • Fixed key-mapping to the amiga key-layout, at least in Chrome. Firefox does not like "öäü", it seems.
    • Added support for individual configurations of joystick-movement and fire-buttons.
    • Fixed bug, that made the fire 1 button on joystick 0 not working.
    • Fixed bug in the mouse-movement function, that calculates the wrong coordinates in some cases.
  • GUI
    • Added eject-button in the disk-change requester.
    • Removed the CPU and OCS/ECS options. They are useless so far.
    • The "Pause" and "Resume" buttons are once now.
    • Made some options only apera when selected.
    • Did some cosmetics.
  • Misc
    • Added support for Zorro2-expansion cards.
    • Added a more precise event-handling. This makes the audio-output a little smoother.
    • Changed the ratio of CPU-/Chipset-time from 1:8 to 1:4
    • Fixed a bug in the RTC. "Year" is now calculated correctly.
    • Fixed incorrect response of serial.device. Now crashed programms does reset (and show the guru), instead of idle.
    • Any output on the serial.device is now redirected to the debug-log. (dev only)
    • Kickstart/Workbench 2.04 and AROS does now work.
    • Overall about 10-30% more speed, as long as the blitter is not used too much.

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