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Jim Neray (ANF)

Spielestarter: X-bEnCH 0.90 Alpha
Bei X-bEnCH (Youtube-Video der Version 0.8) handelt es sich um eine grafische Oberfläche mit bis zu 128 Farben, welche zum Starten von WHDLoad-Spielen (.slave, .exe) die Workbench ersetzen kann und wenig Ressourcen erfordert.

Weitere Eigenschaften sind die sogenannten X-bEnCh-Scripts, mit denen sich bspw. auch Nicht-WHDLoad-Spiele aufrufen lassen, und eine zu den Workbench-CLI-Befehlen kompatible Kommandozeile. Das Programm läuft nach Angaben des Entwicklers auf allen Amigas von OCS bis AGA sowie vom 68000- bis zum 68060-Prozessor und benötigt im Betrieb sehr wenig Arbeitsspeicher.

Die Version 0.90 ist noch unvollständig und soll durch weitere 0.9x-Fassungen ergänzt werden. Bereits implementierte Hauptneuerungen:
  • Top15 listing: This new feature is able to create a top of all your lists. Note that the top15 is already functional as previously planned, the needed database is created from the 0.8x versions
  • Multikeys FastJump: Simply type the name of the game that you want and the new search engine will drive you directly to that one
  • XplorEr: The long awaited X-bEnCh file manager is finaly here! Still young it will evolve quickly in the nexts release
Vollständige Veröffentlichungshinweise:
  • Xinit1.7
    • Now update the Top15 list in the Init process
    • Now check if some args are sets with the setup for the loadwb cmd
    • Is now able to init to the Xplorer if set in the setup
  • Xmenu1.6
    • Bug with a mouse plugged in the joyport1 fixed
    • The menu is sorted with the Xplorer in 2nd position now
    • You can now use the "Enter" key to validate your choice
  • Xlaunch1.9
    • Top15 feature implemented
    • Multikeys Fastjump implemented
    • Added the display of the WhdL Requester if enabled in the setup
    • Bug with the Microsys joy/mouse adapter driver fixed
    • Bug with a mouse plugged in the joyport1 fixed
    • Fixed the repeat latency of the "Tab" key
    • You can now use the "Enter" Key to validate your choice
  • Xcli0.71
    • Added the topupdate" cmd to manualy update the top15 list
    • Updated the "help" cmd
  • Xplorer0.1
    • Very first public version of the Xbench Files/Dirs manager
  • Xsetup1.6
    • Reactivity optimised
    • Now you can use the setup (if you want) without mouse nor keyboard
    • Added a path requestor for the 6 launching lists
    • Renamed the "Boot From" to "Boot To" in the "Startup" tab
    • Added a LoadWB args textfield to the "Startup" tab
    • Added the Top15 On/Off switch to the launcher tab
    • Added the WhdLReq On/Off switch to the launcher tab
    • Look optimised
    • "Xplorer" option added to the "Boot To" switch in the startup tab
  • Xexit0.6
    • Better temp files cleaning before leaving
  • Xinstaller0.4
    • The ASL path requester is now disabled if you don't have rom 2.0+
    • Custom text font issue fixed
    • Bug when using a custom file system (SFS for example) is fixed
    • "D" (Directory) button is renamed to "P" for Path requester
Current features list:
  • 128 colors on screen for all Amigas
  • Autoscan and organize your WHDLoad .slave and yours .exe from your HD
  • Unlimited subdir level scan
  • Internal script system
  • Up to six launching lists in parallel
  • Unlimited number of entry in each list
  • Top15 listing
  • Autoscan and use WHDLoad Tooltypes
  • If no Tooltypes availables you can set up default Tooltypes
  • MegaRam mode to gain extra chipram without rebooting
  • FastJump mode to jump where you want in a list with the keyboard
  • Files/Dirs manager included (Xpl0rEr)
  • Integrated cLi 100% Amiga CLI compatible
  • System friendly setup panel
  • Dedicated installer for an easy installation
  • Many more will come in the nexts releases

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