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07.Jan.2014 (Webseite)

RayStorm-Quellkode veröffentlicht
Der Quellkode des MUI-basierten 3D-Renderingpakets von Andreas Heumann und Mike Hesser, RayStorm, wurde unter dem Titellink offengelegt. Informationen zu diesem zuletzt 1999 aktualisierten Programm finden Sie auf dessen archivierter Homepage, die Versionen für AmigaOS 2.04 und PowerUP liegen im Aminet.

Die Funktionen des Pakets verteilen sich auf ein Modellierungsprogramm sowie den eigentlichen Renderer.

Scenario Modeller:
  • Lets you visually create scenes in Top/Front/Right/Perspective and splitted view
  • Create spheres, planes, boxes, lightsources and cameras
  • Mesh objects: plane, sphere, box, torus, cone, tube
  • Unlimited number of cameras to view scene from different directions
  • Define surfaces for all objects, including brushes and textures
  • Load external objects (Imagine TDDD files, AutoDesk 3DS files and RAW files)
  • Save and load scenes (RayStorm Object file RSOB)
  • Render scenes with RayStorm
  • Preview of renderd scenes
  • Preview in material requester
  • Create visible lights and lens flares
  • Undo/Redo
RayStorm Renderer:
  • Octree algorithm used for rendering
  • Color, reflectivity, filter, altitude and specular mapping
  • Flat, cylinder and sphere mapping
  • Soft brush mapping
  • Mathematical textures: wood, marble, radial, bumps, checker, linear, stars
  • Tranparency and physically correct refractions
  • 8 levels of antialiasing (adaptive supersampling)
  • Rendering box
  • Three builtin object types: sphere, plane and triangle
  • Three light types: ambient, point and spot
  • Depth of field with adjustable focal distance and aperture
  • Depth of field
  • Soft shadows
  • Backdrop picture
  • Global fog and foggy objects
  • Material attributes for realictic objects: ambient color, diffuse color, specular color, pecular reflection exponent, diffuse transmission color, specular
  • transmission color, specular transmission exponent, specular transmittance, transparent color, reflective color, index of refraction, foglength
  • Bright objects
  • Motion blur for realistic animations
  • Motion blur
  • Quick rendering
  • Global reflection map
  • Supported image formats: TGA, IFF-ILBM, PNG, (JPEG since v2.0)
  • Visible lights and lens flares

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