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28.Dez.2014 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: Tool-Sammlung zTools 1.2
Guillaume 'zzd10h' Boesel hat seine kommerziell vertriebene Tool-Sammlung "zTools" aktualisiert. Änderungen in Version 1.2, die exklusiv über Amistore vertrieben wird:

  • zTools Installer 1.2
    • Fixed problem caused by WBRUN version (bug ?) of Final Edition
  • FastView 3.5
    • Added a "Without Borders" option in Preferences to remove the border of the window in Full-screen view ("Maximized mode")
    • Better to show SlideShow
    • Without border, the Picture name is displayed by a Ringhio notification
    • Hit "b" to toggle between Backgrounded mode (full-screen) and windowed mode
    • Hit "Space" to toggle between scaled view and original size view (Default = ON)
    • Added a "Save" button in SinglePicture Preferences to allow to change SinglePicture settings without to reboot
    • Greatly improved the copy of files thanks to AmiOuest France team advices
    • Fixed a bug when loading musical files with embedded CoverArt
    • Fixed a bug when loading an animated gif file before another picture
  • SysMon 4.6
    • Added a "Send Signal" menu in Tasks tab to send predefined signals to running tasks
    • Added a TCP "Port scan" window in Netstat tab to scan remotes or locales URL or IP address for open ports. If no TCP ports are found try to increase the timeout.
    • Added "Service" column in Netstat tab
    • Added the Public name of the screen in the Screen title column of the Windows tab (between parenthesis)
  • aTunes v2.4
    • Added a menu option to "Copy to..." the selected songs
    • Greatly improved the copy of files thanks to AmiOuest France team advices
  • WebReplay v1.8
    • Added an option to Play the video as soon as it is downloaded
    • Fixed french because some websites changes
    • Added Date, Video length and Number of views for french website

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