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29.Dez.2014 (Webseite)

Assembler und Linker: vasm 1.7b und vlink 0.15
Frank Wille hat Updates für den modularen Assembler vasm und den dazugehörigen Linker vlink veröffentlicht.

Änderungen in vasm 1.7b:
  • Fixed stack overflow and crash when using recursively defined symbols. Bug was present since introducing new 128-bit and float expressions in 1.7
  • Issue a warning when a symbol was declared as external, but nowhere referenced in the source
  • m68k: Do not optimize MOVEM to MOVEA or MOVE when predecrement or postincrement addressing mode is used with a register from the list
  • m68k: The Devpac directive OPT X (xdebug) works now as expected for hunk-format object files and for TOS executables
  • m68k: In Devpac-compatibility mode (-devpac) the __LK symbol is predefined and reflects the output file type: 0 = Atari executable, 3 = Amiga object, 4 = Amiga executable, 99 = all others which are unknown to Devpac
  • m68k: MOVEM #list,-(An) must not reverse the bit mask automatically, but expect an already reversed one
  • m68k: BTST #n,#m is illegal
  • m68k: LEA (d32,An),Am translation to MOVE.L/ADD.L stopped working with V1.6c. Fixed again
  • ARM: TEQP, TSTP, CMNP and CMPP were missing for AA2
  • ARM: Fixed recognition of addressing mode and condition codes with instructions written in upper case
  • 6502: New option -c02 to enable 65C02 instructions
  • mot-syntax: In PhxAss- and Devpac-compatibility mode only the directives which are known by the emulated assembler are supported
  • mot-syntax: RS, SO and FO offset directives use an aligned offset in Devpac-compatibility mode or when the -align option is given
  • std-syntax: The optional third argument of .balign/.p2align/.align is now really supported and defines a maximum number of padding bytes
  • std-syntax: New directives: .balignw, .balignl, .p2alignw, .p2alignl, .zero, .swbeg
  • std-syntax: .word should rather define 16-bit than 32-bit constants
  • std-syntax: .local followed by .comm should be the same as .lcomm
  • oldstyle-syntax: Fixed recognizion of .equ/.eq/.set/.mac/.macro with -dotdir option
  • hunk-output: New option -linedebug automatically generates a LINE DEBUG hunk for the input source
  • aout-output: Always generate an external reference to a weak symbol, even when the symbol is defined
  • elf-output: Always generate an external reference to a weak symbol, even when the symbol is defined.
Änderungen in vlink 0.15:
  • (ados/ehf) Support for SAS/C style indexed libraries (HUNK_LIB)
  • (ados/ehf) -Csasc is accepted to build a table with SAS/C constructors and destructors. It looks for functions named __STI_... and __STD_...
  • (tos) New option -tos-textbased to write symbol offsets which are based on the text section (MonST-comaptible)
  • (tos) text and data section size in the header must not be odd
  • (aoutmint) text and data section size in the header must not be odd

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