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Amiga-Emulator: WinFellow 0.5.3
Vom Windows-basierten Amiga-Emulator WinFellow 0.5.3 wurden in kurzer Folge zwei Versionen veröffentlicht. Die zweite ("0.5.3 build 1004") ist wieder mit Visual Studio 2013 Update 5 compiliert, um Kompatibilitätsprobleme mit Windows XP zu umgehen. Die ursprünglich veröffentlichte Version beinhaltete folgende Änderungen:

Neue Eigenschaften:
  • support for high DPI configurations, also when used together with Amiga Forever 2016
  • support for the original Amiga 1000 boot process from Kickstart disk boot; configure the A1000 bootstrap ROM like any other ROM image for the feature to be automatically enabled
  • support for keyboard-initiated reset - press Ctrl+Left Windows+Right Windows or Ctrl+Left Windows+Context Menu (as not all keyboards have a right Windows key) to initiate a reboot within an emulated session
  • support for extended ROM images; this gives the ability to use the AROS boot ROM
  • support for screenshots, clipping editor/live preview and scanlines in Amiga Forever
Geänderte Funktionalität:
  • WinFellow is now compiled using Visual Studio 2015
  • the default configuration contains 512kB chip/bogo memory now and has the real-time clock active (Amiga 500 with A-501 expansion)
  • the default configuration is now windowed and has LEDs active
  • chip memory mirroring has been implemented for OCS chipsets; the change was required for compatibility reasons, as some titles rely on it. because of this change, chip memory is now limited to 512kB when an OCS blitter has been configured; if you need to use more, please use the ECS Agnus blitter in your display configuration (it is an actual limitation of the OCS chipset)
  • 2x mode in Amiga Forever now scales via DirectX instead of the internal draw modules (design change was necessary to enable live preview in 2x mode)
Beseitigte Fehler:
  • implemented bogo memory mirroring for ECS chipset with 512kB chip/bogo memory (required by the demo Move any Mountain)
  • fix for CIA timer logic (fixes the game Atomix)
  • fixes for several CPU instructions:
    • '020 bit-field instructions were re-implemented (fix for Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 96k)
    • ASL instruction's overflow detection was improved
    • MULU flag check improved
  • escape key special handling in Amiga Forever improved (some titles would not detect an escape key press before)

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