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15.Feb.2017 (Webseite)

Assembler: vasm 1.7h
Frank Wille hat ein Update für den modularen Assembler vasm veröffentlicht. Wie üblich stellt Wille außerhalb der vbcc-Compiler-Distribution keine vasm-Binaries zur Verfügung, Interessenten müssen sich den Assembler selbst compilieren. Änderungen in Version 1.7h:
  • Implemented a dynamic line buffer. No limitations on line lengths anymore
  • Octal escape sequences are limited to a maximum of three digits
  • Allow assembler text output (echo, printv) in offset sections
  • Print a warning for initialized data in a bss-type section. This already worked in the past (1.2c and later), but has been lost somewhere
  • Some single-character labels and symbols will be rejected (depending on the syntax module)
  • -maxerrors=0 should print all errors in the source
  • Print expressions in the listing file and the test output in decimal and hexadecimal form
  • m68k: Immediate- and PC-relative destination addressing modes for 68851 PMOVE are not allowed. PMOVE ea,PCSR doesn't exist
  • 6502: Perform zero-page optimization with a known label from an absolute section
  • std-syntax: Fixed problem with parentheses in character constants
  • oldstyle-syntax: New option -org=<address> to set the absolute base address of the program from the command line
  • oldstyle-syntax: Implemented some listing file directives, but without any function yet: nam, subttl, page, space
  • bin-output: Fixed output section sorting, which didn't work with some implementations of qsort()
  • elf-output: Fixed external references in stabs
  • elf-output: Use a hash table for ELF symbols to speed up the output
  • hunk-output: Optimization to make it faster with many sections
  • test-output: Fixed crash when printing stabs without a value

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