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Workbench-Distribution: AmiKit X 10.5.2
Die für Emulatoren gedachte Workbench-Distribution AmiKit liegt inzwischen in der Version 10.5.2 vor und kann über die enthaltene Update-Funktion aktualisiert werden. Neben 35 neuen Funktionen, Aktualisierungen und Fehlerbereinigungen zählt zu den Neuerungen der "Dark Mode", welcher der Workbench ein dunkles Theme verleiht. Änderungen in dieser Veröffentlichung:
  • FIXED: HALT3 freeze and Recoverable alerts on reboot (on systems with Amiga Forever or AmigaOS 3.9 w/BB2) are finally gone! Please shut down and restart AmiKit after update.
  • FIXED: HDToolBox now works in AmigaOS 3.1.4
  • FIXED: If you switch to old MUI 3.8 (via MorpheuZ), it shows images right now.
  • FIXED: RAWBInfo was not corretly activated on OS3.9 systems with Boing Bag 2.
  • AMIKIT: Optimized Startup-Sequences for all flavours make AmiKit even more stable.
  • AMIKIT: MorpheuZ 10.5.2 now handles AmigaOS 3.9 patches better. We've also fine-tuned Startup Control.
  • AMIKIT: LiveUpdate 1.7 by Daniel Westerberg
  • AMIKIT: AmiKitReset 1.2 (reflects the above mentioned changes)
  • AMIKIT: Various minor improvements here and there.
  • UPDATED: IconLib 46.4.506 by P.Keunecke
  • UPDATED: MathLibsUAE 45.881 r14 by P.Keunecke
  • REMOVED: HTMLview.mcc from MUI 3.8 (because of 'beta expired' requester)
  • OPTIONAL: Update your AmiKit installation with the latest WinUAE v4: Quick Guide (page 11)
  • OPTIONAL: Mac users might update to the latest Wine: Quick Guide (page 11)

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