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MorphZone (Forum)

MorphOS: E-Mail-Client Iris, Betaversion 54
Jacek 'jacadcaps' Piszczeks "Iris" soll künftig das Standard-E-Mail-Programm von MorphOS werden. Es unterstützt IMAP und kann HTML-E-Mails sowohl anzeigen als auch erstellen. Die aktuelle Betaversion bietet unter anderem Verbesserungen beim E-Mail-Editor.

Iris setzt MorphOS 3.10 voraus, für Rückmeldungen an den Autor kann die entsprechende MorphZone-Diskussion zum Thema genutzt werden.

Die Änderungen in der Betaversion 54 im einzelnen:

  • Improvements in the email editor; added default font (can be changed in settings)
  • Connected servers will periodically poll for new messages
  • Rewritten connection handling to improve performance and fix connection issues over time
  • Switching between several displayable email compontents only worked once per component due to a bug in tmp file lookup
  • Fixed an issue related to saving attachments from an email open in a separate window after the active folder has changed in the main window
  • Improved server disconnection handling
  • Fixed a crash in vmime related to IMAP folder access
  • Unread messages count could sometimes be negative due to an overflow
  • Fixed a long-standing reconnection problem where internal exception routing would skip over the actual reconnection routine
  • Fixed an OAuth2 issue which caused servers to reject authentication if they weren't used for a long time (days) so that the refresh token expired - this delegates login back to the web browser as required by OAuth2
  • Worked around an issue where the server returns messages in a random order instead of sorting them by uid
  • Fixed a Sent folder refresh issue after sending an email
  • Fixed a wrong UID count in folder issue causing server commands to fail after emptying a folder

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